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I’m always appreciative of the feedback and perspectives of others. While many are awakening to the reality of the day here in Alberta, that the UCP is compromised, political parties…
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Finding Patience

I’ve had people who want to hear my presentations perpetually fall for the political deception. It’s fascinating – in a horrifying kind of way. However, for those who do snap…
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Axes Of Government

Axes of governments continue to swing at the people of Canada, axing life, liberty and happiness, axing morality itself from the foundation of Canada. Acknowledging the crimes and tools of…
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See No Evil

A message to Alberta/Canadian doctors from Dr William Makis. “The state of medicine in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia todayI find it fascinating that the vast majority of doctors…
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Sworn Enemies

Leighton Grey made a thought provoking statement, “One of the most difficult things for to do as a Christian is to pray for those we dislike or even detest –…
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Words of trust

Fellow patriots who stand with and agree with Bob’s advocacy and trust him to fight for what is right.

Pr. Artur Pawlowski

Solidarity Movement of Alberta

Margaret Mackay

#Coutts4 Advocate​

Dr. Paul Alexander​

COVID-19 Consultant Researcher

Dr. Roger Hodkinson


Nancy O’Neill

Land Rights Defender Inc.​

Salim Mansur

Professor emeritus, Western University

Marc Morano

Author of The Great Reset and publisher of Climate Depot

Dr. William Makis

Radiologist, Oncologist, Cancer Research

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