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Good friends Dr Roger Hodkinson and his wife Nicole at and Bob at the fundraiser for @staceyshappyplace fundraiser.
Dawn, Holly and Bob at fundraiser for Stacy’s Happy Place fundraiser.
Fred Schwieger and Bob at fundraiser for Stacy’s Happy Place fundraiser.
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Who is Bob Blayone?

Husband of thirty-three years to Dana, father of two, raised on a farm, growing up in poverty, learning the value of hard work, finding prosperity in Alberta oil and gas, self employed, decades supplying rock bits and equipment to the Northern Alberta drilling rig fleet, recently well servicing tool companies, of Christian faith. 

Of Irish, French and Native Indian ancestry, a proud Metis with ancestral ties back to his Great Grandfather Chief Black Powder and Great Uncle Chief Big Bear, the last holdout of the signing of Treaty Six. Like his ancestors Bob opposes the heavy hands of the government and its bureaucrats, he honors God and people before government. 

A passionate advocate for the well-being of men, women and children, Bob is unapologetic in challenging those responsible for the abuse and the loss of the rights, freedoms, prosperity and dignity of Albertans and Canadians.  

Restoring justice, defending the abused, defending opportunity and prosperity, making a stand against the wrongs of the day, Bob believes that independent community leadership is needed, joining forces on an ethical and moral front, holding accountable, demand of governments and bureaucrats in public health, justice, police, academia, children’s services as well as media and corporate interests, that they begin respecting the God given rights and freedom of all people, of men, women and children.   

Community leadership and advocacy – with faith, integrity and morality.

Unveiling The Truth of Today’s Injustice

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Pr. Artur Pawlowski

Solidarity Movement of Alberta

Margaret Mackay

#Coutts4 Advocate​

Dr. Paul Alexander​

COVID-19 Consultant Researcher

Dr. Roger Hodkinson


Nancy O’Neill

Land Rights Defender Inc.​

Salim Mansur

Professor emeritus, Western University

Marc Morano

Author of The Great Reset and publisher of Climate Depot

Dr. William Makis

Radiologist, Oncologist, Cancer Research

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