I’ve had people who want to hear my presentations perpetually fall for the political deception. It’s fascinating – in a horrifying kind of way. However, for those who do snap out of it, it’s remarkable witnessing the progression in people coming out of the deception.

Yes, some revert back, but that’s certainly not limited to those within the freedom community, people on the outside of the truth community are far more prone to that. If truthers require ten presentations for the evidence of betrayal to stick, the average Albertan/Canadian requires seeing the evidence twenty times, before it even begins to register in their mind.

The deeper issue is a lot more people outside of freedom events believe Smith/Poilievre are saviours, not understanding ‘axe the tax’ is the con’s con, driving by, honk honk honking at Trudeau. Not understanding the betrayal at the hands of the uni-parties, government without opposition. Social media doesn’t cut it. I’ll continue taking the opportunity to speak to as many people as I can, it’s in those in-person conversations where people can be reached in a meaningful way.

The vast majority continue to have no idea of the history of betrayal, that’s the major issue. Not enough people are well versed in it to make a meaningful difference. Although one man alone will be unable to open the minds of nearly enough to turn the tide, I don’t consider repeating myself a waste of my time. It’s a necessary process to turn the tide.

In conversations with individuals like Mark Friesen who’ve been sharing the evidence for twenty years, I’d expressed my respect at the level of patience Mark holds. Repeating himself time and time again, having hope today in seeing how the truth is finally sticking in the hearts and minds of many Canadians. Respect.

What disturbs me the most are those who knowingly operate for, enabling and/or protecting the establishment or those profiteering from this time of suffering and ongoing betrayal of the men, women and children of Canada who are being abused, be that political tribalists, freedom grifters, lawyers, doctors, business people or the politicians and their operatives, purposely burying the truth, purposefully allowing the betrayal and abuse to continue unchecked.

As another round of political theatre is playing out, as many suffer the heavy hands of government, deeper down the pit of hell we fall. As that unfolds, the chase for the Stanley Cup entertains the masses.

Finding patience is a challenging goal.

I’m called to do what I’m called to do and like Mark and others, will never give up in sharing the truth of this modern day betrayal, finding an endless depth of patience in the deceived, understanding that above all else this is a spiritual war, and in the end God wins.


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