Axes of governments continue to swing at the people of Canada, axing life, liberty and happiness, axing morality itself from the foundation of Canada. Acknowledging the crimes and tools of the uni-party government’s destruction of Canada:

  • Net Zero carbon capture, green energy, carbon tax, taxpayer debt funded criminal fraud
  • Family, community, country business, life, liberty destroying Covid-19 fascist lockdowns
  • Proven to be poisonous crippling lethal Covid-19 vaccines first forced, still continue
  • Imprisoned within our Canada, Native Indians yesterday, all other Canadians today
  • Loss of national, individual sovereignty, rights, freedoms & private/crown land use
  • Loss of parental rights in children’s consideration of child’s sexual transitioning
  • Warmongering, the funding of foreign wars, funding of genocide
  • National Digital ID, branding, the marking of Canadians
  • Protection of pedophiles in AHS, and beyond
  • Political imprisonment of dissidents

The changes of, and additions to Canadian laws aligned to fit within the global governance framework of global policies created at World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, Club of Rome, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, etc.

Axes of government; bills/acts/laws/policies/actions of governments of Canada, with focus on Alberta:

  • 1876/2018/2022, Indian Act/Reservations/Passport, Canada National Digital ID
  • 2005/2007/2009, Canada WHO International Health Treaty, Alberta Public Health Act
  • 2010/2010/2024, Alberta Land Act, UNDRIP, Land Bylaws, loss of private property rights
  • 2022/2024, Canada’s government/oppositions funding foreign wars for the fascists
  • 1992/2002/2015, Brazil/Paris carbon tax, Alberta 50% emission reduction + carbon tax
  • 2022, Alberta/Canada National Digital ID infrastructure development begins
  • 2020/2022 Alberta Critical Infrastructure Act, Covid-19 Emergency Measures Acts
  • 2022, Canada Emergency Measures/Alberta Critical Infrastructure Act = political prisoners
  • 2022/2024, political prisoners remain imprisoned, Tony Olienick, Chris Carbert
  • 2023, Bill C-4, outlaw parental right to mentor child’s consideration of sex transition
  • 2023/2024 Alberta Public Health Act, vaccine schedule, Covid-19 vaccines continue
  • 2024, Alberta Health Services, government protects pedophile doctors/public servants

The death of Canada by a thousand cuts at the hands of uni-parties, governments with no opposition, from Pierre Trudeau, through to Trudeau of today, along with all other prime ministers and governments in-between, beginning well before that, as Alberta MP Walter Kuhl presented in 1945 before Canada’s parliament. Since 1931, Whereas;

All Canadian governments and so-called oppositions led Canada to where we find it today. An absolute betrayal for the ages. Canada has fallen. Democracy, freedom and justice along with it.

Yes, mourn, weep, be shocked and saddened at this realization, then find that fire inside you, find your voice! Be the hands that God seeks of you – and fight. Someday it will be your children who suffer.

Defend those who need defending today, be the voice for the voiceless, stand up for all those who suffer today, all men, women and children! At the very least, speak up.

I do not believe this to be end of days. God will never give up on mankind as long as humanity continues to defend His laws, His word and defend the voiceless, defend our fellow man.

Thank you to all you beautiful souls out there for speaking truth, for defending others. Standing even for those who you did not know. It’s an honour standing with you in truth, freedom and justice!

“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.”

Ephesians 3: 20-21

God bless you all.


Receipts of evidence, a betrayal of mankind.

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