Halal interest free mortgages. This is about politicians playing favourites, not for a community, faith or people, but rather for lobbyists, party and government supporters. See below above.

Alberta UCP were already providing Halal interest free mortgages, but only to supporters of the UCP party. The Trudeau regime plays the same game. That’s how it works in politics – scratch a politician’s back, they give you taxpayer money. Our money, our children and grandchildren’s future debt.

Trudeau, Smith, Kenney, Poilievre, Harper – they all do it!

“As Premier, I’m truly blessed to be able to advocate on behalf of all communities. With Alberta’s innovative approach to enable halal mortgages, more people may be able to access mortgage lending services in this province. Making Alberta an easier place to practise and live by one’s faith is an important part of building a secure and inclusive Alberta for those from all around the world who dream of a better life,”

Premier Danielle Smith, April 2023

Danielle Smith and UCP were already playing this political game.

Alberta UCP Halal interest free mortgages were reported by Zulkifl Mujahid, a duly elected UCP candidate from Fort McMurray, removed by Danielle Smith and the UCP because he wasn’t playing along with giving favours to self-serving businessmen in his community.

In attending his first UCP recorded meeting after defeating incumbent (sitting) MLA Tany Yao, a businessman had the audacity to ask Zulkifl the question, “Will you continue offering me the same favours Tany was providing?” Zulkifl responded, without hesitation – “No!”

Immediately after the, the UCP, several key fundraisers for the UCP, @Danielle Smith, Brian Jean and Tany Yao went to work and took out a good man in Zulkifl. With the assistance of Danielle Smith, changing a UCP bylaw policy overnight, expanding the limit of UCP candidates the leader of the party may name as the candidate. See video below. Smith and UCP party president, Dustin van Vugt are disingenuous.

Zulkifl was removed as the UCP 2023 candidate, Tany plugged back in. This went against the will of the local UCP board. See recording below.

As far too many Albertans fawned over Danielle Smith, the saviour of Alberta, this is what she was doing. But don’t dare criticise the smooth talking, silver tongued political actress. Immorality at its worst.

Albertans Took Back nothing. They were conned in protecting the establishment at all costs. But Trudeau did it. That sells better politically, doesn’t it?

Not that it should matter but Zulkifl himself is muslim, father and community leader who refused to begin serving his community in a self-serving manner, and for that? He was cast out by the political beast. Another deep wrong swept under the rug…

The lessor of the two evils is still evil. If you’re continuing to defend any party of government, in Alberta or Canada, if you’re making excuses for their immoral governance, turning a blind eye, feeding their divide and conquer tactics, you’re on the wrong side of history.

I know of many so-called Christians, I know of Muslims also, those who play the dirty game of politics in a very self-serving manner, filling their pockets, caring less about the people in their communities, caring less where the money comes from, caring less about politicians governing immorally, caring less that many people are abused and violated in more ways than just tax theft and debt enslavement.

Lobbyists could care less that pedophiles in AHS are protected, that people continue to be injected with lethal vaccines, care less of the imprisonment of political prisoners, just as long as their business interests and pockets are looked after, lined.

Did I mention carbon capture carbon tax, public debt funded fraud? What about that? Tens upon tens of billions of taxpayer debt, by the hands of a Justin Trudeau, Danielle Smith, UCP and Liberal partnership.

Alberta? No one? Crickets? I see…

When accountability is not shared equally, when many are willing to turn a blind eye to evil, look how easy it is for politicians to get away with their crimes as so many atrocities are playing out today.

Halal interest free mortgages shouldn’t have been offered to anyone, especially to political party/government lobbyists and fundraisers – UCP, Liberal, NDP, et al. The corrupt politicians and lobbyists who feed off taxpayers are the enemy of the people, no matter the faith. The enemy is he who clouds the hearts and minds of humanity.

Yes prayer is needed, but so too is action. What does that look like? Holding accountable equally all governments, politicians and their lobbyists.


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