Conservatives vs NDP & Liberals. How easily the political class orchestrate that, then continue collaborating, continue ruling over the people with absolute impunity. And the people cheer them on.

Please, tell me which of the following points do you not believe accurate?

UCP, NDP, Liberals, Bloc, Conservative partner, align and collaborate on:

  • change/added Canada/Alberta laws to align in framework of UN, WEF, WHO, NWO
  • climate change, net zero, carbon capture, green energy carbon tax funded fraud
  • National Digital ID, SOGI, UNDRIP, 15 Minute Cities, land rights/use changes
  • Chief Medical Officers of Health hold highest authority during “pandemics”
  • continued administration of harmful covid-19 vaccinations
  • protecting pedophiles over protecting children
  • misuse taxpayer funds, overtaxation
  • judicial/bureaucratic supremacy

Smith/UCP can’t have it both ways; below contradicts with facts above:

  • defending parental rights; children’s sexuality, gender, etc
  • oppose carbon tax, oil & gas resource expansion
  • UCP are champions of Alberta Sovereignty
  • oppose World Economic Forum

Either we cut through the nonsense, study the evidence, become wiser in that, communicate that, or? Continue falling for the political theatre, allowing politicians to box us in, in perpetual conflict, always deflecting accountability away from the political class. Politicians and bureaucrats simply sit back on their thrones, reaping, watching the chaos unfold.

Or, we take the road to liberty and freedom. First step? Acknowledge the truths above.


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