The bureaucracy of Alberta Health Services, justice, Children Family Services, RCMP, municipal police, continues to abuse, imprison, murder, betray, protect sexual predators who walk among them – bureaucratic criminals – as politicians across the political spectrum turn their backs, as influencers and media protect the politicians across the political spectrum.

Through fifty-five years of governments, from Pierre Trudeau through to Trudeau junior and all governments in between, conservative, liberal, ndp, bloc, changed Canadian laws, added new ones, removed all mechanisms of accountability to fit within a governance structure that no longer honours truth, freedom and justice. Political and bureaucratic criminals reign.

One hundred and fifty years ago, Chief Big Bear, the last holdout of Treaty Six, Metis leader Louis Riel and Western Canadian farmers stood together and opposed the Crown/British Monarchy. Parallel in these days, as a totalitarian oligarchical technocracy is brought by betraying Canadian governments, politicians and parasitic collaborators.

Echoes of time. Those who sold out Canadians yesterday and today.

There are far more of us today than yesterday. We’re continuing to connect with Albertans and Canadians beholden to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Those who honour truth, freedom, justice and would lay it all on the line for the children of Canada. Selfless grassroots advocates.

God bless those who defend truth, freedom and justice.


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