“To all our Happy People waiting for the decision from “Justice” Rickards: We have NOT gotten one yet. Our understanding is that: the rules of court have been broken with this failure to make a ruling within the given timeframe. As of today we have also received yet ANOTHER unscheduled AHS inspection with RCMP present. Updates to follow.”

Stacey’s Happy Place on Facebook

This message is from days ago, as some of you cheer on Danielle Smith.

Too many people also are believing the lie that the Alberta UCP government doesn’t have any control over Alberta’s bureaucracy.

The UCP government as well as UCP caucus can absolutely take action and reign in abusive and corrupt bureaucrats in any and all Alberta public services.

Stacey’s Happy Place. Here’s an example where the bureaucracy of Alberta Health Services continues to harass and abuse Albertans. There’s no way UCP should allow AHS to get away with this ongoing situation, a hold-over situation nonetheless from covid nonsense tyrannical lockdowns. Brutal!

Stacey’s Happy Place (coffee shop and bookstore in Eckville) is one of those small businesses you don’t hear about. Stacey doesn’t rub shoulders with politicians and/or defend the UCP government. Stacey and family were blessed to find a lawyer in Lani who works pro-bono.

Stacey’s is the only business who hasn’t backed down (taken a deal), and is seeing this through for the future of all Alberta small businesses.

A question to those cheering on Smith/UCP. Have you taken the time to understand the Alberta Public Health Act as it stands today? Taken the time to understand how the justice Romaine ruling ties that all together?

Upon the next pandemic, it won’t be a single “Medical Officer of Health” controlling the RCMP and a Justice system to back them up, it will be multiples of that. Where the Chief Medical Officer of Health will have the highest authority and the power to appoint as many Medical Officers of Health as they so choose.

To the cheerleaders of Smith/UCP, do you not think it is wise to challenge the UCP government to strip the powers of these AHS bureaucrats from the Public Heath Act?

The answer is yes.

In Stacey’s case, what other power does the UCP government hold over Alberta’s bureaucracy? If the UCP wishes, through two different components (UCP MLA caucus and/or government) the UCP can take action to defend this Alberta family business.

1. The UCP gov, Ministers/Premier can take immediate action to protect this family business

If the Alberta government fails to act;

2. The UCP caucus of MLAs (not at the table of gov) can pressure the gov to take action

Danielle Smith is only one MLA. She is one politician among many. I’ll never again fall for that political theater. That it’s Kenney, Trudeau, Notley, Smith, etc, who are to be held accountable and responsible for failure of governance. BS, it’s all of them.

The perpetual theater also of UCP vs NDP, Liberals vs Conservatives, that nonsense continues as they all drag us deeper into the swamp. The political theater and tribalism continues to manipulate the minds of far too many.

Let’s focus here and take this failure of governance to the highest level of evil, of an absolute failure and abuse of bureaucracy, of failing to protect children from sexual predation. Alberta pedophiles are being protected over children. That is a stone cold evil fact.

The same structure of governance applies here. If UCP and NDP wished to do so, through the components of Alberta governance they could take immediate action in protecting Alberta children from pedophiles. Like today.

Yesterday an eight year old child was forced to return to live with that child’s sexual predator by an Alberta court. Yesterday, I also learned the UCP government knows pedophiles are being protected in Alberta, but that the UCP government made the decision not to address that because it’s too politically risky. What the absolute hell?!

To those cheering on Smith and the UCP, I feel sad for you how easily you’re manipulated. You believed she and the UCP will protect parental rights and children, as pedophiles are being protected? Wake up.

What hope does Alberta have when pedophiles are being protected?


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