I’ve received outreach from a couple of individuals suggesting I simply take the Alberta government’s report/rationale for the removal of Chestermere mayor and council, Jeff Colvin, Stephen Hanley, Mel Foat and Blaine Funk as fact. There’s absolutely no reason for me to take the word of a criminal government.

There’s evidence at hand, on public record, crimes committed of government and bureaucracies of justice, CFS, AHS, police services, regarding the protection of pedophiles, pedophiles in and outside of AHS, of government committing genocide in the continued distribution of Covid-19 vaccines, of the unjust persecution of Alberta political prisoners, as well as climate change fraud, in the fraudulent taxing of CO2.

When it comes to protecting children and their parents. Dr William Makis publicly served a three part expose, exposing the fact that pedophiles are being protected, that child sex trafficking and the distribution of child pornography within Alberta Health Services has also been suppressed. Whereas:

  • Alberta Crown Prosecution and Justice System
  • Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons
  • Alberta government & opposition UCP/NDP
  • Alberta Health Services

“These are the people protecting child sex abusers in our beautiful Province of Alberta. I published three articles on pedophilia, child sex abusers and child pornographers at the highest levels of the Alberta healthcare system. These went viral internationally, read by millions all around the world, yet completely ignored by Alberta’s mainstream media.”

Dr William Makis

Regarding the Chestermere file, please see below lawyer Carolyn O’Driscoll’s presentation, speaking of child sexual predation, the alleged pedophile a high ranking AHS bureaucrat, of similar accounts unfolding in First Nation communities, of the lack of action on the RCMP’s part, in their failure to investigate cases, pass along evidence, interview victims, of children being sexually preyed upon, as well as the justice system’s abject failure in protecting those children.

Regarding also, a Calgary mother whose children suffer similarly horrific atrocities, the alleged pedophile being another high ranking AHS bureaucrat, whereas the justice system, judge, CFS, Calgary police services work counter to the safety and security of those children and their mother.

When it comes to the safety and security of children, as well as all other issues affecting Canadians, as the police, justice system and government fail to protect, those abuses and atrocities warrant fully transparent public hearings overseen by arms length inquiries led by residents of Alberta, of individual Provinces, selected not by politicians, government or bureaucracies but by the people themselves.

Independent delegates, nominated and elected within and across Provinces, given fully transparent un-redacted information along with untethered ability to cross examine politicians, governments, oppositions, bureaucracies and victims of those. Municipal, Provincial and Federal audits.

A government, bureaucracy and police by their actions determines the level of trust and respect they deserve.


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