The United Nations is not the head of the beast. An evil global agenda has been playing out as planned for a long long time. Led by the darkest of deceivers, the liar of liars, pulling the strings and leading many astray. Fallen.

To be clear, as to the modern day dark deceptions. All Canadian and Provincial political parties, governments and oppositions willfully and voluntarily brought a treasonously, betraying genocidal global agenda to Canada and Alberta. At the heart of which is a plan to lower the population of the Earth. They openly say it, but not many hear.

Along with the global elites who control world and national banks, through organizations of the Club of Rome, Bilderberg Group, International Panel on Climate Change, Trilateral Commission, United Nations, World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, the working groups utilized to create WEF’s Agenda 2021 (to impose climate change carbon tax orders and an anti-human ‘green’ agenda) or the WHO’s International Health Regulations (to impose public health orders and poisonous Covid-19 vaccines).

This was accomplished only with the support, assistance and resources provided by Nations around the world, Western Democracies, British Commonwealth Nations, like Canada and our politicians and governments, from Pierre Trudeau senior through to Justin Trudeau junior and all those in between, including conservative prime ministers Stephan Harper and Brian Mulroney who played key roles, contributing in the building of the plan and in laying the foundation here in Canada with Trudeau junior furthering the agenda.

It was a contingency of forty Canadian, politicians, bureaucrats, corporate and academic elites, including Jordan Peterson, along with other global societal elites who drafted the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. And now Peterson has ARC, a different marketing package.

Over the course of many decades, the agenda was voluntarily brought to Canada by all legacy political parties, governments and oppositions. Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Bloc, including Provincial governments, oppositions and parties such as Alberta PC, UCP, NDP.

Alberta’s Wildrose party failed to push back, including former Wildrose leaders Danielle Smith who supported the WEF coming to Alberta and Brian Jean who was a Federal MP under Harper as the Sustainability Act and World Health Organization International Health Regulations were brought into binding Canadian law.

Happening today in Alberta and Canada, as all politicians are silently and willfully complicit;

  • Pedophiles are protected by Alberta and BC Health Services, Alberta and BC governments, bureaucrats, BC and Alberta justice systems, academia, children’s services, police and media
  • SOGI, the indoctrination, confusion, sexual transition of children
  • Bill C-4 voted in unanimously by the House of Commons, revoking parental rights in a parent’s right to mentor their own child’s sexuality and sexual transition
  • Covid-19 mRNA vaccines continue, even though they’ve proven to be uselessly harmful, lethal and cancer causing
  • Four Alberta men remain in prison, remand, closing in on one year, no lawful and due process
  • Climate change, Net Zero, carbon capture, carbon taxpayer funded fraud ramps up

The head of the beast? It’s not sitting in the United Nations, it is within Alberta and Canada, it is here. ALL of those politicians, bureaucrats and elites who make up the beast. In this a time of dark deceptions, as Canada’s children are preyed upon, Canada lost its moral compass and foundation long ago.

That’s a hard read, isn’t it? So be it, it’s the truth.

Stand up for all children, men and women. Truly, the only hope we as people have, people of all ethnicities, of all faiths, believers and non-believers, is in one another – and in God. As many people, men, women and children, suffer the heavy hands of evil, God be with them all.

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Mathew 25:40

All we have to do is stand.


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