“The good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep”

John 10:11

Continuing to receive outreach from people asking, “What is the solution?”

My personal path has been sharing truth as I’ve discovered truth and advocating for those who are being abused. What’s happened to Canadians, the absolute betrayal of that as well as the many injustices and atrocities occurring within our country and beyond, all over the Earth.

I’ve been sleeping to the reality of the magnitude of that also. Although acknowledging all of that is heavy, turning a blind eye to that will inevitably become an even heavier burden.

In searching for answers and solutions over the last four years political and government arenas have been a primary focus that progressively changes, understanding today that a grassroots level awareness campaign is a vital component to bringing effective change.

Over the last years, I’ve been led to expand my understanding that this is a global war. Naively, early on I’d thought Alberta could be an island, an ark, unto itself. Independence to me today is much deeper than that. Understanding today that even the Canadian people on their own cannot be that island, and that the chains and shackles of the establishment must fall.

In the global North (Western Democracies) and the global South (all other countries), there is a global movement, a war against humanity, it’ll be a lifetime and then some undoing the devastation and betrayal. This is another reality I’ve come to terms with.

Until enough people are grounded in that, until enough people stop falling for political theatre, understanding intimately the lies, manipulation and deception at hand, nothing will change. Men, women and children will continue to be abused, brutalized and freedom and justice will continue to be lost.

Perpetually re-installing the lessors of the two evils is keeping the evil deception going. Unfortunately, realization for many in that will only come when reality meets them head on, when pain and devastation comes to them.

Collaborators of the establishment continue attempting to suggest all politicians are not bad people, that they’ve not all fallen to the evil of the day. “Have you reached out to them? Have you tried working with them, changing policy from within? They promise to do this and that, at least give them the benefit of the doubt. Just trust them once more…” Etc. Deception.

The counter to that deception, of staying grounded in truth, here are questions I’ve focused on:

  • Am I defending those being abused, or am I defending their abusers?
  • Am I withholding the truth to defend betrayers and abusers?
  • Am I conducting myself as a politician or statesman?

Like politicians and bureaucrats, collaborators of the establishment are simply lost souls, becoming politicians themselves. Men and women are not inherently evil, they’re simply prone to evil deception themselves, having it in themselves to free themselves from that. Free will.

Every man and woman also has a price. As a politician, what’s your price? If your price is not your life, then you are for sale, then you are lost in a dark deception that has plagued the Earth through all time.

A politician thinks about the next election. A statesman, the next generation. A politician protects the party, the establishment, the government. A statesman protects their community, the people and community they serve. A politician will wait for a parade to get in front of even if they know that parade is marching people off of a cliff. A statesman, a true leader will lead people away from that devastation. Even if the cost of going against a deceived flock lost in fear is their own life, or at the very least, their political career.

There are politicians and then there are statesmen – shepherds. Be a shepherd of truth, look for the shepherds of truth. Truth is not an easy road to walk. People will come and go, and come back again. Everyone must walk their own path. Where they end up is theirs to carry.

Walking with God has made all the difference for me. Stay grounded in that truth above all else.


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