Regarding Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre, Alberta’s @Danielle Smith, Saskatchewan’s Scott Moe, Ontario’s @Doug Ford, Newfoundland’s Andrew Furey, PEI’s @Dennis King, Nova Scotia’s Tim Houston, New Brunswick’s Blaine Higgs – the question remains, are they serious about axing Justin Trudeau‘s carbon tax? A tax on CO2.

This was the motion to dissolve the Canadian parliament, an attempt to trigger a Federal election based on the carbon tax:

“That the House declare non-confidence in the Prime Minister and his costly government for increasing the carbon tax 23 % on April 1.”

Pierre Poilievre

Firstly, Pierre Poilievre and the seven premiers are only opposing the carbon tax increase. Let’s first be clear there.

If they were serious about repealing consumer and industrial carbon taxes, there was no need to try a knowingly futile path to dissolve parliament to trigger an election. If Pierre Poilievre, Danielle Smith and the other premiers were serious about “axing the tax”, they would create a constitutional challenge which would in turn call for a vote in the House of Commons and Senate.

A downside of that for politicians and political parties is that the move would transparently show Canadians where their own MP, party, premier and every senator stands on carbon taxes.

If you still believe there’s democracy within Canada’s confederation, that there are governments and “oppositions” rather than uni-parties pulling us in the same direction, while playing political theatre to appear like there’s opposition to such things as carbon taxes, then you may want to pay attention here.

Anyone who followed along with the Alberta Prosperity Project, an organization I’d co-founded, was former president and benefactor of, you’ll know well of the following mechanism; opening a constitutional challenge on carbon taxes in Canada. If the premiers and leader of Canada’s opposition were serious about axing the tax, the threshold is there for them.

Pierre Poilievre’s conservatives, along with the 7 of 10 provinces making up 60% of Canada’s total population could begin the process of reopening the Canadian constitution and challenging the carbon tax be revoked.

Provinces opposed to the carbon tax (increase):

  • New Brunswick 842.7k
  • Newfoundland 540k
  • Nova Scotia 1.07m
  • Saskatchewan 1.22m
  • Ontario 15.8m
  • Alberta 4.76m
  • PEI 176k

Total population of those 7/10 Provinces = 24.2m

Canada’s population = 40.53m

Those 7/10 Provinces = 60% of the population

This is the criteria required for a constitutional challenge of carbon taxes:

  • 7 of 10 provinces representing 50% of Canada’s population
  • majority vote in House of Commons
  • majority vote in the Senate

Quebec may have a veto as they’ve the political leverage due to their large voting block (federal parties/governments are prone to being swayed by large voting blocks). However, if Ontario were serious about repealing carbon taxes, Quebec likely let the CO2 tax challenge pass as almost 70% of Canadians oppose carbon taxes.

Constitutional challenges are then argued in the Supreme Court. Canada’s highest court is composed of (3) Justices from Ontario, (3) Justices from Quebec, (1) Justice from the Maritimes, and (2) Justices from Western Canada.

Let’s say 7 of 10 provinces making up 60% of the population open a constitutional challenge to repeal carbon taxes (not only the increase, to abolish carbon taxes), Poilievre’s conservative party table a vote in the House of commons showing where each and every MP stands, liberal, ndp, conservative and bloc, senate is then forced to vote, showing where each senator stands, which opens up a constitutional challenge and ruling from the supreme court of Canada.

And if that vote rules against repealing carbon taxes, after all of that? Good luck on containing the Canadian outrage. Remember, almost 70% of Canadians oppose carbon taxes. So if I was one of those seven premiers, like Danielle Smith, if I was Pierre Poilievre, if I was serious about repealing carbon taxes, that’s what I’d do. But that’s what they’re not doing. Political Theatre 101. Are you paying attention?

Those holding onto faith in political parties, politicians, governments and so-called oppositions? Do you understand the theatre now of “Axe the Tax?”

All of the above is for those who still believe Canada’s confederation, the union of the provinces within Canada is actually illegitimate. Historical relevance to my statement there. The fact is that Quebec has never agreed to/signed the 1982 Charter of Rights and Freedoms, subsequent attempts of ratification failed, the supreme court fraudulently signed off on that. The fraud actually goes further back, to 1901, when Canada was destined to be free of the British Monarchy, to have independent provinces within Canada.

Evidence Alberta MP Walter Kuhl presented to the Canadian Parliament in 1945.

Falling for lies and the illusion. The fact is that past and present governments, prime ministers, have and had no opposition, provincial governments played along as they’re all connected to federal parties. Are you paying attention?

Given that, Pierre E Trudeau’s government, along with premiers of the time had the audacity to allow the supreme court ruling of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms becoming somehow legitimate, even without one province’s consent and withhold a vote of the people of Canada behind that revised constitution, in 1982, the will of a few spoke for the will of the many.

Another moment in Canadian history where the voice and authority of Canadians was removed.

Subsequent rulings such as the Littlechild case declared that the people of Canada have no constitutional voice nor ability to hold their elected members of parliament, legislatures or municipalities accountable by law. The ruling was clear, our only recourse against trespasses against us by politicians is a vote every four years. Literally, the right to seek legal redress was removed, without amendment, without constitutional discussion. Simply the ruling of one politically appointed judge. Another breach of what Canada is supposed to be.

For far too long Canadians have been disrespected, abused, murdered and stolen from, locked down, dying alone, dying from lack of medical treatment, held unjustly in remand, forced to take proven to be poisonous and lethal vaccines, overtaxed, paying fraudulent carbon taxes, First Nation people neglected and abused, where pedophiles and sexual predators are protected rather than children and women, in public institutions and beyond.

For far too long, governments and the bureaucracies of public institutions have disrespected the life and liberty of Canadian men, women and children, disrespected democracy and the greater good of all Canadians, they have removed any and all mechanisms to hold politicians criminally accountable for those crimes via politically appointed judges, controlling key rulings, controlling the supreme court, having the arrogant audacity that courts of Kings, Queens, the British Monarchy can speak for and rule over Canadians.

Governments and bureaucracies of justice, public health, children’s family services and police have given to themselves such far reaching and abusive powers and authority over Canadians, that is an abomination. That is not democracy. That is not justice and freedom. That is not following God’s laws. That is not what Canada was meant to become, and that is what Canadians must rise up against and overturn. To repeal all of that.

All the way back to 1901, a moment in Canadian history when greedy, power hungry Canadian politicians had begun to fraudulently take power, willfully ignoring the true path Canada was to take, willfully failing to recognize the legitimacy and independence that is to be Canada’s provinces and people. Rather than that, they’ve kept Canadians in the bondage.

For one hundred and twenty three years, Canadian politicians suppressed the will of the many, changed laws and added new ones benefiting their stranglehold for their thieving, murdering, unjust power. They have removed God’s laws for their own.

Dating back to my great ancestor Chief Big Bear, the last holdout to the signing of the last treaty, Treaty Six, a man who had the vision of the fall of freedom, subsequent governments have committed treasonous fraud and betrayal against all people of Canada.

Our only hope is to come together, men and women of all ethnicities, of all faiths, believers and non-believers. Our only hope is in us, the people of Canada ourselves.

For our children, for future generations to come, this is our time to stand.

God’s will be done.


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