The axe the tax movement is working nicely, for the political establishment, of uni-parties and governments

Pierre Poilievre, “axe the tax!” Alberta UCP, “axe the tax,” UCP MLAs shout out in the Alberta Legislature, “axe the tax!”, UCP MLAs proclaim as they door knock for Poilievre and CPC.

Trudeau did it, they proclaim. Albertans and Canadians will bite, Poilievre may take his seat as the saviour of Canada, just as Smith was sold to be for Alberta. Either/or, even if Trudeau and the liberals remain in power, the concept is simple; conquer and divide. Keep the political tribalism going.

Good cop/bad cop, when in reality, both cops are stomping on you. The axe the tax brand is a horrifyingly brilliant political strategy. The political establishment learned a lesson through their Covid-19 tyranny. A true grassroots uprising will simultaneously hold all sides of the political establishment accountable. Suppressing grassroots uprisings is no easy task,

Canadian trucker’s Covid-19 Freedom Convoy was a grassroots uprising which left the political establishment scrambling, forcing the establishment to activate politicians like now Alberta Minister of government Todd Loewen chasing the freedom convoy across Canada, trying to catch up, “Hey, hey, I’m one of you…”

Now Alberta Government Whip, Shane Getson was activated, jumping into his yellow gravel truck, “Hey, hey, I’m one of you, I almost died from the Covid-19 vaccine…”

Long time floor crossing and political asset Danielle Smith was activated once again. “Those who chose not to be vaccinated are the most marginalized. I’ll offer amnesty to all those who were persecuted. I’ll stop the vaccines. I’ll fight for you. I’ll axe the tax..”

Etc, etc. ‘We’re one of you, trust us’.

David Parker does his job as another lifetime political asset, ensuring the conservative power structure ‘takes back’ grassroots support, locking down an actual grassroots uprising. Mission accomplished comrades. “We are one of you”, lifetime political assets proclaim, as today they feign/fake care of an Alberta pension plan. We’ll fight for you… Laughable.

“You keep screaming at the sky (God) and I’ll keep winning.” Parker boasted to me.

Winning? I guess Parker and other political assets consider their mission accomplished as long as they hold onto power. Winning, so that the establishment continues forward on the overarching plan.

I guess the following are examples of winning in the minds of those political assets?

  • Covid-19 vaccines in Alberta’s vaccine schedule, school aged children and babies included
  • Alberta Public Health Act today, far worse than why truckers stood against public health tyranny, political assets setting the table for the WHO Treaty, hand over Albertans to WHO
  • Alberta Net Zero climate change, carbon capture, carbon tax funded fraud continues
  • pedophiles protected by the political establishment of those political assets
  • two political prisoners remain in prison

That’s far from winning in my mind. They are not one of us. These people are robotic cold lost souls doing the bidding of their political masters, comrades in arms. Parker, Loewen, Getson, Smith, Poilievre, all MLAs and MPs, UCP, NDP, Liberal, UCP strategists, all political operatives. collaborators, media, bureaucracy, all establishment assets work as a hive, soulless robots, comrades in arms.

Axe the tax political trap.

My summary of the trap as I see it. Keep in mind, I appreciate the passion and resolve of those protesters dedicating their time in making a stand for their fellow Canadians. I’ll be attending these protests, I’ll proudly stand with them, and never give up sharing the evidence as to the betrayal of Canada, also understanding another round of political theatre must play out.

It’s heartbreaking for me to see the tax protesters playing right into the establishment’s political sleight of hand and not seeing that. 80% of those passing by honk in support. Of course 80% of people driving by will honk in support, it’s a known fact Canadians despise the carbon tax.

The fact remains, the majority of those honking in support of those axe the tax protests, many of those participating, are unaware that conservatives brought carbon taxes and so-called green energy to Alberta 13 years before Trudeau came into power, 13 years before Notley and the NDP governed Alberta.

The majority of those honking do not understand that liberals, conservatives and ndp all aligned in bringing into Canadian law climate change carbon tax funded fraud. The majority of those honking and participating do not understand that all eight Premiers today who shout, ‘axe the tax’ fully support the climate change Paris Agreement. Carbon taxes et al.

Some axe the tax protestors are now waking up, “Wait a second, where’s Smith and Poilievre?” Speaking amongst themselves to the reality of the betrayal, of uni-parties and governments, as many will agree, they also hold onto hope that maybe, just maybe, this time the politicians aren’t lying, that Poilievre really will axe the carbon tax, as Maxime Bernier doesn’t lend a hand in calling out that lie, suggesting a conservative government will axe the tax, neglecting to point out that carbon tax fraud is one small part of the theft that are taxes.

Lifetime political assets are not one of us, they are comrades in arms, loyal one and all to a fascist/communist tyrannical establishment bending the knee to an evil totalitarian global technocratic oligarchy. Those who honour laws of man, rather than God’s.


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