@Danielle Smith, Alberta’s UCP government, NDP opposition, Saskatchewan’s Scott Moe, Justin Trudeau, opposition leaders Pierre Poilievre, Jagmeet Singh, @Yves Blanchet, all provincial MLAs, all federal MPs are no where to be found in defending the rights and freedoms of the people of Canada assembling peacefully against brutal and abusive government policies, acts, laws. Carbon taxing being just one example that’s hurting all Canadians.

The truth is that prime minister, all premiers, Provincial MLAs, Canada’s 338 federal MPs are responsible for the goon like tactics of a police state. Disrespect of the right of Canadians to peacefully assemble.

In Lloydminster today, well off the shoulder of the pavement, peaceful demonstrators are ordered further back, not to ditch, but to the backslope on the other side.

As Angie Brow rightfully declared, twenty more feet of communism…

As Canadians are continually pushed deeper into a fascist/communism police state, the police and politicians turn their backs on children being sexually preyed upon in Alberta. Pedophiles within public service bureaucracy protected by the same establishment that stomps on people with mounted police, sends unmarked goon squads to intimidate.

It’s the politicians themselves, premiers of Alberta, Saskatchewan, premiers of all provinces, provincial MLAs, prime minister of Canada, federal opposition leaders and federal MPs who should be going out and meeting with Canadians, to have a coffee, a burger – a conversation.

But we all know why they won’t.

They’re all guilty of inciting Canadians in division, guilty in bringing a police state to Canada, guilty of bringing in communism/fascism, guilty of bringing devastating acts, laws, statutes, exchanging Canada’s national independence for something Stephen Harper called global ‘enlightenment sovereignty’.

All of those politicians bend the knee, sold out Canadians to a totalitarian global oligarchy.

As they all stand by and watch the devastation unfold, continue to administer proven to be harmful/lethal covid injections, hold political prisoners without mercy, offer sexual transitions to children, outlaw parental rights in that conversation, offer MAID to children, women and men, steal from the people of Canada in overtaxation, carbon taxes a small portion of that, enslave Canadians with further acts/laws of censorship and control, a soon to be WHO public health act included, and they stand by watching, as children are sexually preyed upon, as all that immoral unkindness and abuse unfolds,

God have mercy on them all.


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