Nancy O’Neil, wife, mother and community leader is a friend Dana and I have known for many years. Nancy and her husband Ernie are from the Woodland Cree First Nation in Northern Alberta.

It’s been incredibly awe inspiring standing with Nancy as she continues to courageously defend without end her children and family. Her focused determination is not only for her family, but for all people.

During the first year of covid tyranny, Nancy and Ernie’s children were stolen from them, taken, kidnapped by the bureaucracy within and beyond their community – based on a lie. In turn, the RCMP and justice system, the establishment, dug themselves in, telling more damning lies.

After spending their life savings on legal representation, unwilling to surrender and give up in protecting her children, Nancy drew her line in the sand, learning the law, learning their system and began effectively pushing back in a big way.

Nancy is an example of a selfless and courageous leader. She doesn’t just stand and fight for her children, she stands and fights for your children also. For children, women and men in Alberta, Canada and all around the Earth. Nancy’s conversation is now a global one.

Please see below, a very small portion of Nancy’s broad reaching all encompassing civil class action suit which she has created, which I wholeheartedly support, will send out to file and also share out with anyone wishing to receive a copy.

For all children suffering evil atrocities and injustices, for Canada’s First Nation people who’ve for far too suffered without hope, living in despair and brutalization, for people of all ethnicities, all faiths, believers and nonbelievers, God bless those who defend truth, freedom and justice.



“Is this Justice; Nancy O’Neil, Peace River Alberta;

This Class Action Civil Suit: is to bring Awareness to the ‘Active Genocide’ in Canada & on a Global Scale. We as citizens of Canada & Others can no longer be ‘SILENCED’ for the crimes happening to us unlawfully under, Government Entities and Officials. The Evidence contained within is to correct the miscarriage of ‘JUSTICE’ in Canada to; The Indian, (Respectfully in the words of my husband of Cree Decent, ‘we are Indian’s,’ Woodland Cree First Nation), the First People, (Indigenous), Inuit, Metis, those connected to their bloodlines and all-inclusive the Poor, Minority, Middle Class & Immigrants.

There is ‘Active gencode at the hands of the Crown, (Historically the Church and State), The Canadian government, (Federal, Provincial & Municipal), Child & Family Services, Judiciary, Law Enforcement, Medical, all inclusive institutions which indoctrinate our children & make us slaves without consent)!

Our Goal, is to IMPLEMENT a ‘Global Wide Utopian Movement,’ no one will be left behind. It is time to end the tyranny & live ‘FREELY!’ (Nancy O’Neill 2024)

(AKA ‘Is This Justice’).

My Beautiful ‘Nehiyow’ (knee he oh), (to be pure), (the Western Cree), brothers and sisters. When I was a child, I remember saying, “when I grow up, I’m going to marry an ‘Indian,’ I did.” He was very beautiful on the outside and broken within.” You cannot see hidden Brain Trauma on someone’s face. The continued impacts of applied sanctions from the Church & State, the (CROWN).

We can correct this together, end the Unlawful Actions against the First Peoples and Others, in Canada; Globally. As a collective whole for the betterment of Humanity. We must UNITE GLOBALLY, all persons who share the ideals of upholding the Law to ensure complete FREEDOM & JUSTICE for All!

I, Nancy O’Neill of Peace River AB, am the author, owner & editor of this document. Our case presented here was moved forward on a CLOSED investigation #990227. The actions taken against our family happened as our children returned to the ‘Reserve’ Woodland Cree First Nation because of the school closures during Covid-19 Lockdowns & Mandates. Bringing awareness to these unseen crimes within humanity, pushed and supported by the government. This case comes with so many others and is our opportunity for Enlightening Society, Restoring Justice, Freedom & Safety for Children and Families.

Can you imagine that as you read these words, ‘MILLIONS of children are going missing worldwide! We are living a Greek Tragedy! I stand by my words and all the documentation included, no one can go against me in this case. It contains their own Documents, there are thousands of pages included. To bring awareness to the real falsehoods of the Judiciary. I have included complaints and additional follow ups to the International Criminal Court and United Nations for ‘Active Genocide in Northern Alberta & across Canada.’

Both organizations are still in ‘Breach of Policy.’

We must Unite Globally, help those in need and end the tyranny of Government!

‘ACTIVE GENOCIDE’ In Northern Alberta & Across Canada; Under Kee Tas Kee Now Tribal Council; All Inclusive KTC Child and Family Services the (Band Delegated); KTC Education Authority (in Treaty 8 Territory) & (Across Canada). Modern Day Tribal Councils are the EXTENSIONS of the Federal Government.

Every First Peoples residing within the Reserves are subject to HEINOUS CRIMES more so than any other, when they are born and raised into the (Reserves) of Canada & it continues to be SILENCED!

Canadian Democracy is founded on ‘The Rule of Law.’ The expression ‘law’ means a set of rules that governs relationships of citizens with each other. It regulates commerce and protects people from the unlawful acts against their person within a community and protects people from unlawful acts by individuals and or the State.

There are certain key principles contained in the ‘Rule of Law,’ including:

  1. The government enacts law in an open and transparent manner.
  2. The law is clear and known, and it is applied equally to everyone.
  3. The law will govern the actions of Government, private persons, and their relationship to each other.
  4. The courts will apply the law INDEPENDENTLY of POLITICAL and OUTSIDE INFLUENCE. (Canadian Government)

The hidden crimes of Canada, no one is safe. We are silenced. The unjust going full force today, embedded within the institutions. The crimes against children and families, the sanctions are what continue to creat, anxiety, grief, loss, suicide, PTSD, confusion, dysphoria, depression & substance abuse. All government induced through the systems and upheld by the judiciary. It is happening, illegal apprehensions by the child & family services,. This is where the actions start for hundreds of thousands. (The First People are the most impacted; are controlled within the reserves).

The false accusations by law enforcement, the crown & medical establishments create the continuance of rape, murder, prostitution, molestation, child pornography & sex trafficking. The First Peoples (Indians), are the most susceptible after the horror of colonization, residential schools, 60 scoop. The genocide continues! Young people are being forced into body mutilation, hormone manipulation, misled vaccinations, (The Covid-19 genocide). (This is happening Canada wide and on a global scale)! Children & others, parents have no rights or say.

Our freedoms are being stolen at a rapid rate. There are no sanctions for pedophiles in Canada & it is spreading across the globe. No one is upholding the constitution. (Democracy is a lie, the courts are not in place for the common man only to uphold the corporation & contracts for stakeholders. We are under socialism with a Prime Minister who is becoming a dictator! No Canadian has signed for the mistreatment, lies, manipulation under the church & state, the pope, the present & (past) crown with affiliates, and its institutions! The elites are the outside entities which are extensions of government, are all connected by lies, greed and deception to humanity. Our very evolution was corrupted from the very beginning!

There are six areas of Law contained within the Schedule 1. Family, Civil, Criminal, Constitutional, Severance and Human Rights Violations. Over the last 3.9 years I have discovered and heavily documented that it is impossible to get the real truth out! Five areas of law are filed within the courts of Peace River, High Prairie, Grande Prairie & Edmonton Alberta.

The only way they could move against our family was ‘Illegally” we were forced to be criminals.”

submitted by Nancy O’Neil, Peace River Alberta (O’Neill 2024) (AKA ‘Is this Justice’).

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