If you’re waking up to the reality that was forced Covid-19 vaccinations, you may want to pay attention to this.

Step 1. WHO International Health Treaty already came to Canada, in 2005 – 2007, by Liberal and Conservative Canadian governments.

It was already here. WHO IHT; pandemic upon return to Canada;

  • proof of vaccination
  • vaccine certificates
  • quarantine

Step 2. 2007/2012, Canada’s Conservatives strategy, introduce Statutes/Acts/Laws;

  • Quarantine Legislation
  • Regulations

“Through our participation in treaties and agreements such as the (WHO) International Health Regulations, Canada has specific obligations to meet within the international community.”

Step 3. Provinces laid foundation across Canada, comply with WHO IHT through Provincial Public Health Acts/Laws.

Step 4. 2020, Canada’s Liberal/NDP enact medical tyranny, Conservative/Bloc complicit. Provinces comply, enact medical tyranny across Canada.

Step 5. March 2024 Alberta Public Health Act;

“During a declared state of Public Health Emergency medical officers of health and the Chief Medical Officer of Health, retain final decision making authority for orders impacting a specific person or persons or a specific public place.”

Isolation, Quarantine and Special Measure;

“Where the medical officer of health determines that a person or class of persons engaging in the following activities could transmit an infectious agent, prohibit the person or class of persons from engaging in the activity by order, for any period and subject to any conditions that the medical officer of health considers appropriate;

  • attending a school
  • engaging in the occupation of the person or the class of persons
  • having contact with any persons or any class of persons”


“A health practitioner who performs an immunization shall comply with the most recent version of an immunization schedule published by the Chief Medical Officer, or that is identified by the Chief Medical Officer as being mandatory.”

But go Danielle Smith and Alberta UCP government…

It’d be funny if it wasn’t so darn sad.


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