Leighton Grey made a thought provoking statement,

“One of the most difficult things for to do as a Christian is to pray for those we dislike or even detest – even our sworn enemies. We are nonetheless commanded to do so. It is a test of our faith. I therefore urge everyone to pray for Klaus Schwab.”

The most difficult thing for me is witnessing the unchecked atrocities playing out around all around the earth, abuse, genocide, injustice, child sexual predation, destruction of Western Democracies and warmongering. UnGodly acts by the actions and inactions of politicians and bureaucrats.

Politicians protecting pedophiles and murderers has been the ultimate test of patience and a test of faith as a Christian. God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit being the ultimate guide in hanging on to faith and patience. “Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do.” Coming to terms with that, with the dark reality that public health pedophiles/murderers, neglectful, unjust, abusive thieving politicians and bureaucrats are lost souls, so too are those who defend the abusers of men, women and children.

Does this mean that justice should not, cannot, be served today? Absolutely not, it absolutely must be served. The question is, how can this be made so? Canada has fallen on dark times, betrayed, our country taken over by totalitarian, unjust, murdering, raping, pillaging thieving criminals who oversee all systems of society, including the justice system and police.

Until enough Canadians see Canada for what it is, that we were betrayed, that we are ruled by a uni-party governmental mafioso establishment and bureaucratic henchmen, Canadians will continue being abused – unchecked.

Is Schwab someone I’d consider a sworn enemy? In reality, there are many more collaborators than Schwab or even Trudeau at play. Many are needed to pull off this coup. Thousands. I’ve come to terms understanding the deeper betrayal at hand, that totalitarian ideas cooked up at global organizations such as the Club of Rome, Bilderberg, WEF, Trilateral Commision or WHO had the help of a lot of collaborators, including Canadian politicians, academics, lawyers as well as corporate interests.

Klaus Schwab didn’t impose those sustainable development treasonous ideas onto Canada and Alberta. Politicians of Liberal, Conservative, Bloc, NDP, UCP, governments and so-called oppositions of all provinces did the dirty work, as plugged-in bureaucrats of justice, public health, academia, children’s family services, police played their roles the media (msm and so-called independent) the bought and paid for theirs, who is left to oppose a treasonous genocidal pedophile protecting betrayal?

All those sustainable acts/laws that came to Canada, be it the 2005/2007 WHO International Health treaty, 1992/2015 WEF climate change carbon tax treaty, 2010 Alberta Land Act, UNDRIP, SOGI, or Alberta Public Health Act as it stands today, all of those laws fall under the globalist umbrella of sustainable development. Enlightened Sovereignty as Stephen Harper coined it.

With Klaus Scwab sitting to his left Harper openly stated that Canada and other nations must exchange National Sovereignty for global cooperation, “to create a world we’ve been trying to create since 1945.”

During Operation Paperclip, Nazi’s were dispersed all around the world. Did the fascists really lose the war, or did they simply bide their time? It is said to me by many people across Alberta and Canada that Canada has fallen into a state of communist/fascist tendencies. I’d agree with that.

In what free and democratic society would political prisoners be captured for well over two years, other men found guilty of inciting, of mischief, tortured in prison, a Pastor, a power lineman, rancher, Canadians one and all, GUILTY! For simply exercising their God given rights and freedoms of peaceful assembly

In what civil and moral society would known-to-be poisonous vaccines be allowed to continue, forced vaccinations in the first round, provided false propaganda moving forward, for children and babies even. Canadians not provided medical life saving treatment, for refusing the poison.

In what civil and moral society would climate change carbon tax Net Zero carbon capture carbon tax, debt funded fraud to be carried out? Punishing Canadians with the fraudulent taxing of CO2, creating energy and food insecurity, literally forcing Canadians to choose between heating their homes, buying food or putting gasoline in their car? To the point of forcing agriculture, greenhouses, poultry producers, pushing food production to the breaking point. Literally starving Canadians out, based on the fraud of climate change.

In what civil and moral society would pedophiles be protected rather than the children they prey upon?!

Klaus Schwab is not governing Alberta and Canada in that unGodly regard, he did not draft betraying sustainable development laws into Alberta and Canada. Once again, all of that is by the actions and inactions of Liberal, Conservative, NDP, UCP, of all governments, oppositions and their dogs in public service bureaucracies across the country. In every province, in sync.

Former leader of the Alberta Wildrose opposition, now Alberta Premier, Danielle Smith, welcomed the WEF to Alberta, for climate change and energy talks, today proudly proclaiming her allegiance to WEF Net Zero, “that Alberta will get there faster than anyone, anywhere else.”

In 2019, Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis advocated for the aggressive transition away from Alberta oil, the shutting down of the oil sands through funding several climate change alarmist organizations like the Tides Foundation in 2019 with hundreds of thousands of taxpayer funding.

As those politicians chant axe the tax… Ya right.

Alberta’s existing Public Health Act is another level of betrayal. Many believe the UCP removed Covid-19 fascist dictating powers, but what the UCP did was grant unelected bureaucrats even higher totalitarian powers. Alberta’s UCP government and NDP opposition have set the table in a sinister way for the upcoming WHO treaty amendment. In a “pandemic”, they have now granted WHO authority over Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, and with that, authority over all Albertans, a plan in the works across Canada.

The Alberta government then added proven to be lethal, myocarditis inducing, cancer causing, spike protein immune system destroying Covid-19 vaccines to Alberta’s vaccine schedule. Including the proven to be lethal Covid-19 vaccines for children and babies six months and older.

In what civil and moral society would that be allowed to happen?

Schwab didn’t do that, neither did Trudeau. The UCP and NDP did that in Alberta, provincial governments are doing the same across Canada, as well as following Benjamin Netanyahu’s lead, adding another level of totalitarianism via National Digital ID, force vaccinating close to 100% of Israelis and a state surveillance network of the people of Israel that is unsurpassed around the world.

What Benjamin Netanyahu has done to the people of Israel is as high level of totalitarianism as can be found. Before the Gaza war broke out, charged with crimes of fraud, 100,000 Israeli’s gathered in protest of Netanyahu’s iron fisted heavy handed fascist governance.

Sound familiar Canada? Then why cheer on unGodly men such as Netanyahu? Interestingly enough, in a horrifying way, many Canadians, many Albertans even cheer for their own abusing, betraying and murdering politicians also. They passionately defend them. Why is deception running so deep?

So who are our sworn enemies then? One or two men, or the establishment as a whole? The uni-party governments and so-called opposition, that’s who. For those paying attention, for those interested in Canadian law, if that doesn’t remove any doubt as to WHO Alberta’s and Canada’s governments and oppositions bend the knee to nothing ever will.

A dark deception for the ages.

“Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do.” Where arrogant and asinine global sustainable development laws dreamed up by men and women, crafted to sit higher than God’s laws by wanna be pharaohs, those people are also deceived, seeing themselves above all other men and women, as lords, kings and queens, deceived in believing they are on the right side of history, and God.

What laws of God have they broken in their goals of sustainable development? Almost all. Thou shall not worship false gods, kill, steal, covet the belongings of others, dishonour fathers and mothers.

Enslavement of Native Indians yesterday and of all mankind today

Covid-19 tyrannical fascist abusive vile lockdowns of all mankind

Loss of parental rights in their child’s thoughts of sex transition

Net Zero carbon capture carbon tax funded criminal fraud

Covid-19 poisonous crippling lethal vaccine injections

Biometric Digital ID, the branding, marking of people

The protection of paedophiles, rather than children

Warmongering, the funding of foreign wars

Political imprisonment of innocent men

As a Christian, as a moral man opposing all the above atrocities that were drafted and imposed under the guise of sustainable development, in seeing a man not of God being called a leader of a holy war, I then ask the question, if all of those collaborators are deceived, who then is truly the sworn enemy of mankind?

That’d be an ancient fallen angel who has since original sin plagued the hearts, minds and souls of mankind in every rise and fall of humanity. The liars of liars, deceivers of deceivers, he who calls himself legion. No man or woman being impervious to his deceptions, not unless grounded in God’s laws and word.

All of mankind have free will not to steal, abuse, rape and murder their fellow man. While it’s not for Christians to judge men and women who’ve fallen to dark deceptions, whatever that may be, coveting money, power, falling to pride, fear or hate, for those who’ve fallen from God’s grace, in their time of judgement, that is for God alone.

As a moral and a Christian man, I do pray for those who’ve fallen to deceptions today. I pray for those who abuse, thieve, rape and murder men, women and children, as well as those who protect those abusers. I pray they’ll stop.

As a moral man I know right from wrong, good and evil, and as a Christian man I understand I’m not to protect the abusers of others, that as those abominations against God’s laws and His children are carried out, it’s not Christian-like to stand idly by, that in righteous anger I’m called to take action, to make the best effort possible to protect from evil all those being betrayed, abused, raped and murdered.

As Christians, we offer our heart and hands to God. Prayer is an essential key in that, following God, His word, grace and guidance provides armour to withstand satan’s deception, rather than offering platitudes and/or sheltering the abusers, in troubled times it’s our duty as Christians and moral men and women to take action. At the very least to be advocates, to be a voice for the voiceless. At the very most, to lay our very existence on the line for them.

I’ll continue to pray for the politicians, bureaucrats and their collaborators in this chapter of betrayal of mankind. Pray they’re all freed from a deception which captures them, a prayer in turn which answers a higher prayer to free mankind from our sworn eternal enemy who covets our very souls.

God bless those who defend truth, justice and freedom.


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