What’s your price? If your price is not your life then you are for sale. If you’re going to be a truth teller, then your price has to be your life. I can’t surround myself with people whose price is not their life because the enemy, whatever the enemy is, physical, legal or spiritual, will attack the vulnerability of the person who can be compromised.

James O’Keefe

That from the United States of America, once a land of the free and home of the brave, like Canada it has lost its way, truth, freedom and justice passed on. In March 2024, Canadians were trampled on once again by mounted police, East Coast fishermen standing on guard, standing their ground, defending their livelihoods. Canadian commercial fishermen paid the price as blood was spilt, trust was lost.

Although East Coast Canadian fishermen were granted their “ask” by the government and bureaucracy, of their right to market their catch to best sustain their livelihood, they were first bloodied and beaten by government thugs, with government only backing down after realizing that moment was a powder keg waiting to ignite.

Was that a thorough victory? The government and their mounted thugs will never face justice, answer for their abuse upon those Canadians. When will the next moment come in defending their right to prosperity? The government was right in understanding the volatility of that moment, as many a Newfoundlander were heading back home to join that line, willing to pay the price. Uncompromisingly.

Canada’s a volatile powder keg, as many men, women and children suffer long standing grievances, abuses and atrocities at the hands of government. For those of us speaking the truth about injustice, murder and the sexual predation of children, the protection of pedophiles within and beyond governmental and bureaucratic establishments here in Alberta, we’ve been labelled as inciting by RCMP, as children are threatened, and the college of physicians and surgeons engaged in further intimidation tactics.

For a good long moment, the government (s), bureaucracy and their mounted thugs should very carefully weigh that accusation, reflect and consider the volatility of this Alberta and Canadian moment. First, in acknowledging just who’s inciting who, who is abusing and betraying who, the level of awareness of that, understanding the price a very large growing demographic are prepared to pay, that many Canadians are uncompromisable when it comes to defending all children, women and men.

As Canadians awaken to injustice, be that in unsustainable cost living for many, in the fraud that is climate change taxing of CO2, that children, men and women were and are continuing to be given proven to be poisonous vaccines, that children and women are sexually preyed upon as their predators are protected, that political prisoners remain imprisoned for over two years held in remand centres intended to hold accused for weeks, that MAID is pushed on Canadians, young and old, as so many Canadian injustices abound, politicians, just who is inciting who?!

As justice, freedom and the sanctity of life has fallen, when little ones are being abused, poisoned and sexually preyed upon, at the hands of, by the actions and inactions of, government(s), bureaucracies within public institutions, it’s the duty of all Canadians rather to deflect away responsibility from political and bureaucratic actors in those trespasses against many, that politicians on all fronts, bureaucracies of public institutions on all fronts, be recognized as guilty parties in those crimes.

Duty of Canadians, in my opinion. To affect accountability. Acknowledge the abuses, crimes, trespasses against many. Do not participate in political tribalism. Do not hold onto false hope in a politician. Do not cast blame on one politician, party or government. Stop waiting for the next party AGM, the changing of party policies, voting in a new leader etc. All of that leads to inaction against the trespasses against many people.

Canada is neither strong nor free, arguably has never been. Certainly Native Indian peoples, the First Nations, have lived that existence for far too long as they’ve been living under a communist model of society, where the vast majority of Canada’s Native Indian people have lived without hope, broken and betrayed having no trust in any government or politicians, including their own politicians.

Responsibility to change that is ours also. We sat back and watched that tragedy play out for far too long. This land of Canada has been intentionally led to a place of tyranny of the few. There is a growing number who see through the unGodly betrayal and evil that began long ago with the imprisoning of Canada’s First Nation people under the Indian Act, Indian Reservations and Indian Pass.

Where did Canada go wrong? Where was that fork in the road that led Canada down to this outcome? Where police officers no longer serve and protect. Where government regimes direct brutal thugs to trample Canadians under hoof, police wilfully obey those commands, beating people with batons, firing rubber bullets into the faces of peaceful Canadians, turn a blind eye on injustice, abuse, rape and murder of men, women and children of Canada? Where did it all go wrong?

A Constitution, a Charter of Rights and Freedoms is a worthless document so long as tyrants control all the pillars of society. Ask the question; so how did that come to be? When was it that Canadians lost control of their destiny? That all pillars of society have fallen to totalitarian minded individuals, governments and bureaucracies?

The historical evidence is right there in front of us. Like climate change or Covid-19 lies, whether you’re ready or not is of no matter. Prepare yourself to be disturbed in knowing that Canada as it stands today, the governance structure of this land as it stands today is not what it was intended to be. The politicians, left and right, deceived all of us Canadians.

But also, have hope in that because in that truth there is a powerful solution. Where truth and justice in that will lead us back to freedom.

“Since the Provinces must enjoy the condition of sovereignty and independence before they can federate, it was necessary that the British government relinquish its authority over them. This was done through the enactment of the Statute of Westminster on December 11, 1931. By section 7, paragraph 2, of this statute, the Provinces of Canada were made sovereign, free and independent in order that they might consummate the federal union which they wished to create in 1867, but were not permitted to do so.”

“The new constitution must leave nobody with a grievance. A spirit of conciliation should predominate. For these reasons, the task must be entrusted to an independent body in which all the elements of the country will be represented. I, therefore, beg to suggest an imposing constituent assembly, formed of eminent men coming from all parts of Canada. Provincial conferences, attended by a few ministers meeting behind closed doors, would hardly satisfy public opinion. The debate should be public.”

Walter Frederick Kuhl

Words of truth spoken on November 8, 1945 in the Canadian House of Commons by the late Walter Frederick Kuhl, Member of Parliament for Jasper-Edson, Alberta.

Since that time, there have been many historical breaches in the forming of Canadian and Provincial government’s overreaching powers.

It is long past the point in time that Canadians themselves came to the table, reconvened and began discussing the future Canada we will build together. Without government, king or crown at our table.

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

John 8:32

What is your price for truth, justice and freedom?


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