Free your heart, mind and soul. A powerful message from Bassem Yousef delivered in India. Rise up against evil, as God’s army is intended to do, or forever hold your peace.

“I hope that we truly evolved to understand that we’re all the same. I wish that we can understand that no matter how much we think we can become powerful, to abuse, exploit and kill other people, what we are really doing is killing our own humanity.”

Bassem Yousef


Western democracy media spreading lies and deception, genocide unfolds. Once again. As left and right wing Canadian politicians and governments allow the theatre to unfold, Canadians choose the side of war and genocide based on their political allegiance.

Be most wary of the deceiver of deceivers, the liar of all liars – satan.

Be mindful of God and teachings of Jesus Christ who never did, nor will He ever – never ever – condone the raping, killing and murder of men, women and children of Palestine, any other region on Earth, within Canada or Alberta.

Remove the beam from your eye, free yourself.


Bassem Yousef delivers a powerful warning for mankind.

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