To my Christian friends, those concerned that a certain faith and people view you unkindly, are evil, you may want to pay attention here.

What are your thoughts that in Israel, yesterday and today, it’s Christians who are spat on, looked down upon, despised, by wanna be Pharaohs/Gods?

Two thousand years ago Jesus Christ advocated and mentored mankind in God’s word, spoke of peace, love and kindness, stood with and for those in need, opposed the abusive, murdering unjust, unGodly, power, money hungry politicians, government and church of that time, for that, for proclaiming He was sent by God to free mankind from sin, for that he was mocked, spat upon, beaten and crucified to death, by those who believed themselves to be pure, to be of God’s chosen.

Not all Jewish people believe that, only the 0.001% who believe themselves above all other men and women. Below is a presentation, questions and answers of a Rabbi, a high ranking teacher of Jewish Rabbis, explaining the Jewish Zionist relationship with Christians. In Israel and beyond.

(13:00) Christians are not allowed to practice missionary work in Israel

(13:45) organizations fight against Christian missionaries in Israel

(16:00) tearing down places of “idol” worship of Christian churches in Israel

(18:18) tearing down houses of idol worshiping, houses of prayer, “should be only torn down if you can cope with the repercussions

(18:52) Christianity is idol worship

(21:15) Regarding Christians, “They tried their best for the Jewish state from being established. For them it’s against their whole theological theory, that the jews are no longer the chosen nation, that they became the chosen ones. And suddenly we come back to our homeland. They tried blocking us from coming back to our homeland.”

(24:45) They couldn’t get rid of us. We’re equal to them, at least, if not better.

(25:20) There’s not too much leeway to befriend Christians

(26:22) All various types of Christian are considered idol worshippers

(26:45) either Islam and Christianity, Jews are to give up their lives rather than to believe in either or, while Christianity is considered to be idol worship by Jews, Islam is not

(29:48) Jewish Zionists condemn and mock Christian beliefs, of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ

(33:40) “We mustn’t allow any close relationships, close feelings between us and Christians because who knows where that will take us to. To still be very careful to draw a line and build a fence between us and them in order to keep our Judaism as strong and pure as possible.”

“After a bottle of wine is opened by a non Jew, especially a Christian, it cannot be touched by a Jew”.

Spitting on Christians in Israel.

October 2023, “Itamar Ben Gvir, Israel’s national security minister, who oversees the police, said in an interview with Army Radio that spitting at Christians was ‘not a criminal case’ and that not everything ‘justifies an arrest’

Ben Gvir had previously defended the act of spitting on Christians as “an ancient Jewish custom”


Is Christianity Idol Worship?

Search for article; “Israel: Spitting on Christians in Jerusalem ‘not criminal’, says Ben Gvir”

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