Breaking, from Dr William Makis.

“THE PEDOPHILE COVERUP: There is a former Prime Minister on this list.” Australia.

Please stop championing any and all politicians as they are all turning their backs on this dark truth. If you have any morality in your heart, please, for the love of all children, for the love of God, understand that this evil is happening in Alberta, across Canada and around the world.

The Alberta and Canadian political establishment, UCP, NDP, Liberal, Conservative, Bloc, all provincial governments and oppositions, as well as the bureaucratic establishments of justice, police, Alberta health services, and children family services are protecting pedophiles.

There are no politicians across Canada speaking out on this. Elected or not. I’ve recently sent an email communication to a large group of influencers who also turn their backs on this conversation.

Fight for justice! Protect the children!


“New South Wales Australian Judge Garry Neilson during the hearing of a criminal case where a man was found guilty of raping his siblings, Judge Neilson said from the Bench to the Court that he thought the law was out of date and thought that sex with siblings should now be legal and that it should not be illegal to have sex with children.

Judge Garry Neilson is one of the 28 prominent people listed on the Police documents for Pedophilia and child trafficking.

There are thousands of Pedophiles at the highest levels in our society around the world controlling every aspect of our lives. Justice will not come by our corrupt judiciary systems. It is our human obligation to defend the children at all costs.”

(Video Source: SpartaJustice on X)

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