The tweet below, the message, aligned with my thoughts on the insane rolling blackouts in minus forty degree temps, being asked to save electricity in Alberta Canada?! That is what happens when reliable carbon based energy is intentionally shut down.

We sit on a massive amount of carbon based energy, oilsands, coal, natural gas, UCP will not end “green energy,” they’re preaching Net Zero also. Let’s get back to common sense in that conversation. Let’s have the conversation about climate change carbon tax funded fraud, the fact that CO2 is a building block of life. It is not a pollutant or driver in the Earth’s temperature.

Furthermore, dismantling meagre shelters of those people in Edmonton who are homeless, in minus forty degrees celsius?! Even at warmer temps, WTH is wrong with society today?!

We’re moving backwards, not forwards and it’s not only the Liberals and NDP who have brought this insanity!

Defending the Alberta UCP government and Conservative Party of Canada in this, as they continue (along with NDP and Liberals) marching us all in lockstep of a cliff to a dark future doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Reliable Alberta Energy’s Tweet;

“I don’t make a lot of comments on here but this is bullshit.

Being asked to save electricity in one of the coldest places on that planet that also happens to sit on one of the largest energy supplies in the world is insane.

We should be one of the wealthiest most advanced societies in the world instead we are all sitting in the dark with our fingers crossed that heat stays on.

We’ve gone backwards not forwards.

End of rant…..”

Amen and absolutely!


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