Here’s a great UNDRIP presentation, hosted by Laureen Darr with guest speakers, Joshua JD Lemmens, Indigenous elder, preparedness and champion of men’s rights and keynote speaker Bruce Pardy.

Bruce is a professor of law at Queen’s University, senior fellow with the Fraser Institute, and executive director of Rights Probe, an advocate for “equal application of the law, negative rights, private property, limited government, and separation of powers are foundational to the Canadian and Western legal tradition.”

Bruce goes through the impact of property and land rights under UNDRIP. Joshua provides his Indigenous point of view. Sharing his concern that under UNDRIP, all Canadians will suffer its consequences. First Nations included.

An important watch. Much thanks to all who organized this event.

One question that resonated with me, being involved in the political arena, was, Can a Municipal Council/Government repeal DRIPA; Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People Act?

“No. It was passed by the Provincial Legislature, only the Provincial Legislature can repeal it. There are two levels of government in the Constitution. There’s the Federal government and the Provinces. There is no Municipal level. We have Municipal governments only because there are Provincial statutes that create them.

If a Legislature in a Province wanted to do away with cities? They could do so. Cities (municipalities) have the powers that the Legislatures have given them. If Legislatures want them to have the power to repeal it or avoid it, then the statues will say so. In the absence of that, the Province rules and the Municipalities just do what they’re told.”

Alberta’s Land Stewardship Act and/or UNDRIP itself are two more examples of Provincial and Federal statutes that will not be able to be addressed at a municipal level. There are people being directed to run for, ro to focus on, Municipal councils, thinking they’ll be able to protect property rights at that level of government. They will not.

The focus point to repeal UNDRIP, BC Land Act, Alberta Land Stewardship Act, etc in every Province, is in the Provincial and Federal governments, as well as oppositions. Knowing they are acting as uni-parties/governments, enough with the political theatre. Let’s get to it, demand that the UCP and NDP take action in Alberta, that Liberal, Conservative, NDP and Bloc take action in repealing UNDRIP from Canada.

If you value our land rights, hunting, fishing, camping, acreages, farming, oil, gas, mining, forestry jobs and prosperity, then let’s get to it. Be wise now. It is not the WEF that must be ousted, the damage is done. Decades in the making.

Alberta and Canadian laws must be repealed to undo the betrayal. Enough with the political theatre.

Let’s get to it.


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