Happy Sunday everyone. You know, it’s been 23 years since I’ve had a drink of alcohol and only a week since I’ve cut out sugar. Lord give me strength. Lol! I’ve never craved alcohol since the day I quit, but sugar? Oh my goodness…. Even after a week though I’m feeling a difference.

Just wanted to share a few thoughts that were on my heart as I woke this morning. Once again, these are my thoughts, opinions and observations alone. What do I mean by this? That I’m just a man sharing my own thoughts and perspectives. I believe everyone has the same right and responsibility to do so. If you take exception to my opinions, that is also your right. If you feel you’ve the right to lash out in anger, to be abusive if you don’t agree with my thoughts, opinions, politics, or faith? If you do not appreciate a man’s freedom to speak, to think and to question? Move along, we’re not going to find common ground.

Listening to a podcast this past week while traveling, a few quotes like the title of this piece resonated with me:

“If you live in a prison of being worried about what other people think of you, you’re not you anymore. You’re molding yourself to what other people think you should be.”

“I don’t care what those people think of me, they have every right to choose whatever they think of me.”

“Freedom is not the freedom to have everyone agree with you, it’s the freedom to have their own opinion whatever that is.”

Amen to that. I don’t share my thoughts for populist reasons. Ten years ago, in the beginning of sharing my thoughts, in the foray into this Facebook “public town square,” I was met with vile and angry backlash. “Who are you to speak! What credentials do you hold to put forward an opinion! You are a lowly peasant!”

I’m being somewhat sarcastic here. Somewhat. But you get my point? It was nasty, abusive and ignorant rhetoric. An attempt to shut down the conversation and silence a man’s opinion. What was I speaking about? I was attempting to discuss the reality of manmade climate change, opposing carbon taxing, and how that would hurt many people.

Some of the angry lashback I’ve received today reminds me of those early days. Except this time it’s not coming from radicalized cult-like, socialist, self professed Marxists. It’s actually coming from individuals who “identify” as conservatives. Yes – that’s a tongue and cheek reference to the insanity of the day.

I’ll continue identifying as a blue collar Albertan and Canadian who opposes global Marxism, communism, satanism, genocide of men, women and children, the sexual predation of children and this attack on our country’s and world’s fundamental rights, freedom and sovereignty of humanity. I’ll continue in my journey of awakening, attempting to seek understanding.

It is my opinion that this is a global Marxist, fascist, totalitarian evil dark deception playing out widely, where humanity is deceived and weaponized against itself, orchestrated by the liars of all liars, since the dawn of man, humanity’s greatest adversary. This is good vs evil, God vs satan. We’re living in another pinnacle, a crescendo, a most intense moment of a test of humanity’s moral courage, and wisdom. It is a simple but complex test.

“What’s the solution?” This is a common question, sometimes a rebuke of those not appreciative of my opinion of the political deception of the day. My thought is that before asking that question, shouldn’t we ground ourselves, become fluent in the root of the problem? If we don’t do so, we’ll continue to be prone to political theater, lies, confusion, manipulation and deceit.

I’m speaking above and beyond political deception here. I’ve come to understand that this war is not limited to a region, a province or one nation. This is a global conflict, of information, cultural, and spiritual nature. Good vs evil. Whereas half measures and compromises of morality do not defeat the liars of all liars. Never have, never will.

I’m continuing to walk my path of awakening. A key driver in my own personal journey is God. Where He alone has led me to truth, to open my eyes to see through the lies, deception and evil.

Love and peace. Hope you all have a fantastic and restful Sunday. God bless you and keep you on your own journey.


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