In protecting children from sexual predators, there’s no room for political theatre.

I have thousands of contacts and will send my message far and wide, in the sexual predation of children, there can be no deflection of responsibility of who can end that immediately today. I wrote this in reply to a response to the first block of contacts.

We can no longer accept political theatre, as Dr Peter McCullough stated in Red Deer Alberta, “We’re at war. From the outside looking in, all British Commonwealth countries are the hardest hit.” he included Canada.

The ‘prestigious’ Davos meetings, and as Danielle Smith called the first 2014 World Economic Forum meeting in Alberta. There’s nothing prestigious about what goes on at those meetings. It was at the Davos WEF annual events, where Stephan Harper proudly spoke of a Canadian partnership, helping to form a global ‘Enlightened Sovereignty.’

‘Enlightened Sovereignty’, an elite term for the transitioning of Canada, the trading of National Sovereignty as Harper said, trading further Canadian independence to transition to the global structure of governance, something Harper said the global elites envisioned since 1945.

The meaning of this for Canadians was a deeper usurpation, a control, or a “domestication” of culture native to Canada, beginning long ago, three hundred years in Eastern, one hundred and fifty years in Western Regions of Canada.

The taming of the tribes as the Davos/Bilderberg elites would view that, be that Native Indians, Metis, Western Canadian farmers, Irish, Ukrainian or other European settlers who had fled fascist hierarchical Kings, Queens and Lords, or of today’s far right extremist Albertans and Canadians with ‘unacceptable views’.

The taming of the peasants, in the eyes of the elites.

I’ll never forget my blue collar roots. I’ll never forget the absolute lack of respect held by elites who wish to keep hard working blue collar Canadians ‘in their palace’, on our knees, that the elites would offer trinkets rather than respect, as my great ancestor Chief Big Bear proclaimed one hundred and sixty years ago when speaking to the governmental elites of his day. “Come to us as men, do not come to us with trinkets.” My great ancestor was the last hold out to the signing of Treaty Six.

One hundred and sixty years is not a lot if time, that is when Chief Big Bear aligned with Metis leader Louis Riel and Western Canadian European Settlers, as they opposed the ‘transitioning’ of their rights and freedoms, as they were men and women who fled the fascist tyranny of Kings, Queens and ‘Lords’, and sought freedom rightfully granted to them by God.

In being raised poor, in experiencing in my youth pain, hardship and struggle, no power, water, central heat and at times food, I’m thankful for that. That lesson taught me many things. First and foremost, working hard and never giving up on all I do.Never bending the knee to those men and women who thought they were above me. In those days, I remember the elites and also the thieves who preyed on the most vulnerable, with absolute disregard for the pain, hardship and suffering of others.

I saw them and remember them well. I see them well today.

To the Davos elites, to Canada’s and Alberta’s elites, to the bureaucratic elites in government and politics, public institutions and judiciary imprisoning innocent men while defending child sexual predators, elites who pillage, plunder and murder, men, women and children, to them I would say God will judge you after you die, until that time, one day they will all face a jury of their peers, not of other elites who protect their kind, but of men and women, Albertans and Canadians who’ve been brutalized, abused and preyed upon by those elites for far too long.

Absolute truth be told, something of which I’m deeply disappointed by is the utter lack of truth as to the situation of the day. As Dr Peter McCullough declared in Red Deer Alberta, “we’re at war.” It’s more than disappointment, it’s disgust. However, I’m no longer surprised by the lack of engagement in truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It’s done with intent, by the political elites.

Danielle Smith certainly does understand politics well, as do all politicians in Alberta and across Canada. Their role is to keep the political theater alive and well, they do that as we continue to fall deeper into a state of hell on Earth, where pedophiles are protected by public institutions, child family services, police and the justice system, where sexual predators are repeatedly released, children repeatedly preyed upon. As hell on Earth plays out for these children, the political and bureaucratic elite class keep the theatre going.

Through fifty-five years of governments from Pierre E Trudeau through to Trudeau Junior and all governments in between, Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Bloc Quebecois, PC, Wildrose, UCP, NDP governments in Alberta, as those politicians restructured Canada, Canadian laws aligned to fit within a New World Order, killing further, ‘Western Civilization by destroying its youth: physically, psychically, morally, intellectually, and most of all – spiritually.’

This is no Canadian myth. The fall of Alberta and Canada, in what Canada’s global elites called ‘Enlightened Sovereignty’, or what I call a treasonous betrayal in broad daylight.

Enough with the bs. Children are being prayed upon. I’m proposing a town hall event, inviting influencers who suggest Smith/UCP are doing all they can do to protect children, parents and Alberta’s sovereign rights, freedoms and prosperity and those of us who disagree those politicians are doing all they can do.

I’ll let you know who answers the call.

God be with the children.


Alberta & Canada falls to “Enlightened Sovereignty”…/1ENmk0hzK0sxQhIbK9EAq2dr…/edit

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