There are a few people speaking about Leslyn Lewis’ petition, questioning my perspective and pushback on that, suggesting that, “Governments notoriously operate off of polling, and what is popular. If enough people don’t sign it, it may be considered a conspiracy theory. What is your solution?” They ask, in defending the politician.

Number one, the most critical step is identifying the problem. That’s step one. That Canada as a whole, politicians, governments, corporations, media, public institutions, Canadians in general, we have lost the moral compass of this Nation.

Many times I’ve had people say to me, “I know the government (s) brought this betrayal here, but we need to trust those betrayers to save the day.” I’ve no patience left for that foolishness, certainly not when there is thievery, abuse, injustice, genocide and sexual predation of children playing out at the hands of those betrayers.

And now they turn the heat off, turning homeless out of their meagre shelters in forty-below zero, in Alberta, Canada! Do not suggest to me that governments or a majority of Canadians care. Governments have fallen very far. They are not to be trusted. Given all of the injustices and abuses of the day, if people continue trusting these governments, defending these politicians, what does that speak too, in terms of morality of our Nation and people?

The solution? Holding these God forsaken politicians and bureaucrats who’ve completely lost their moral compass accountable. Today. Joining together as people, outside of politics, and understanding holding governments and bureaucrats accountable means doing exactly that, today not tomorrow. To call out abuse, genocide and injustice all around the world, to be peacekeepers, never warmongers. To let morality guide us in that, passionately.

Until a strong majority of Albertans and Canadians understand this, that all politicians and governments – be it blue, red or orange – offer perpetual empty promises, are unjust abusive immoral thieves liars and murderers, until Albertans and Canadians see that? We as a Nation and people will remain lost morally and nothing will change.

These are simply my thoughts and perspectives. God be with all those suffering these grave injustices of today.

God bless you all.


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