Do Not Leave Quietly; Truth & Transparency, with Jeff Colvin, Stephen Hanley, Mel Foat and Blaine Funk.

If you care about the cost of property, water and utility taxes, this is for you. If you care about ‘axing’ carbon taxes, this is for you. If you care about pensions, this is for you.

If you care about government corruption, waste, theft of your tax dollars, this is for you. You can lend a hand.

Jeff Colvin, mayor of Chestermere along with three other councillors were unjustly removed from office by Ric McIvor, Minister of Municipal Affairs and the Alberta government. Former Minister Rebecca Shultz was involved in the lead up to their unjust removal.

“Councillors Shannon Dean, Sandy Johal-Watt and Ritesh Narayan are the only three elected officials remaining in Chestermere after Municipal Affairs Minister Ric McIver ordered the removal of their colleagues, Mayor Jeff Colvin, Stephen Hanley, Mel Foat and Blaine Funk.”

That from the Calgary Herald, friend of one of the three councillors not removed. Alberta UCP Minister Ric McIvor’s brother-in-law was the former Mayor of Chestermere. Read that again please as that is an important piece of the spiderweb of lies and deceit.

Alberta UCP government conducted themselves in a criminal regard here, as NDP failed also on this file in their time of governance. In having a deep understanding of this file, both the NDP and UCP share this crime equally. This is an example of conduct of uni-parties-governments protecting one another’s criminality and corruption.

For those of you raising your hands to defend either/or UCP/NDP, If you care about government corruption, waste, theft of yours and your neighbour’s tax dollars, put your hand down.

As the receipts of evidence were ignored, the friends and family of government and media were protected, the corruption was protected, the waste and theft of taxpayer dollars was protected, and the reputation of noble people doing right by their community was attacked by the conduct of the Alberta government and opposition.

What Calgary Herald, Edmonton journal, CBC, CTV, Global, Rebel News, True North, Western Standard, etc, reported was not the truth. This file is classic evidence, demonstrating bought and paid for media. As with governments, there is media collaboration on this file.

In 2016, just under 30% of the population of Chestermere signed a petition, demanding the Alberta government look into the corruption, waste and alleged theft of their tax dollars. The Alberta NDP government failed to act, the Alberta PCs, as well as Brian Jean’s Wildrose opposition failed to demand action on this file.

“The mayor of Chestermere says a non-confidence petition some citizens have presented to the province seeking an investigation would cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars and it’s unnecessary because the information is already readily available.”

“Shannon Greer, press secretary for (NDP) Municipal Affairs Minister Danielle Larivee, said the petition has not yet been officially received and she can’t comment specifically on it. She noted the minister does have the power to direct the council or chief administrative officer of a municipality to take any action that the minister ‘considers proper’ if it is found that a ‘municipality is managed in an irregular, improper, or improvident manner.’”

Jeff Colvin, Jeff Colvin and councillors Stephen Hanley, Mel Foat and Blaine Funk holding 20-30 years high level private and/or business, construction, agriculture, accounting, etc, experience each. These men were elected on a platform of transparency and accountability.

Within two months, here’s one example they’d uncovered of (alleged) conduct of past mayor, council and bureaucrats (CAO, CFO, etc), where upwards of $6 million in kickbacks was being demanded for contracts to be awarded to contractors!

This was reported to Jeff and his team by moral contractors. Jeff and team reported that to the Alberta UCP government, to Ric McIvor, the government was not interested in looking into that. Rather, the government went to work, first attempting to silence Jeff and then when that failed, ousted Jeff and his team.

During the uncovering of these (alleged) crimes, the CAO (top city bureaucrat) asked Jeff if they could pay $600,000 in hush money to the CFO and Director of HR. Jeff and the council refused that. The CAO resigned, paid out the bribe before resigning.

The Alberta government’s report, the government’s rationale for removal of Jeff Colvin, Stephen Hanley, Mel Foat and Blaine Funk, falsely accuses Jeff of writing cheques to pay for those criminal bribes. Chestermere does not use cheques, they use electronic transfers.

Yes, RCMP were notified of these crimes. An investigation was filed/opened. The investigation was ordered to be shut down after Jeff Colvin and his colleagues were unjustly removed from office by the Alberta government. NDP opposition are silent.

If you care about government corruption, waste, theft of your tax dollars, this is for you.

Jeff also reports from within the governmental establishment, there’s a push for political parties to bring their political brands into municipal governments. That candidates for mayor and council would have to run through a party. Can you imagine that?! Conservative, Liberal, NDP power structures of Canada today control the provincial parties/governments, and this is why accountability is lacking on a provincial and federal level.

If those power structures of Canada take control of municipal governments via the party system and regimes, reporting of corruption like independently elected representatives Jeff, Stephan, Blaine and Mel have done would never happen again. That is exactly why the unipartes and governments wish to also block out true representatives of the people.

Another crime was committed on this file. Three months prior to Jeff Colvin and team’s removal, in September 2023 a lawyer presented to Chestermere council regarding the sexual predation of children during a publicly recorded council meeting. Upon the removal of Jeff, Stephan, Mel and Blaine, that presentation was deleted from the record.

Everyone with a platform, everyone with a voice, big and small, please lend a hand in holding accountable the UCP/NDP government and opposition on this abomination; @Danielle Smith, Rachel Notley, Todd Loewen, Mike Ellis, Mickey Amery, @Dan Williams, Peter Guthrie, Nate Horner, @Matt Jones, Adriana LaGrange, Brian Jean, Joseph Schow, Rebecca Schulz, Nate Glubish, Nathan Neudorf, Ric McIver, Devin Dreeshen, RJ Sigurdson, Muhammad Yaseen, Demetrios Nicolaides, Rajan Sawhney, Dale Nally, Rick Wilson, Jason Nixon, Searle Turton, Tanya Fir; those are the Ministers of Government, all are complicit in the crimes above.

Let’s work together holding accountable, demanding media, mainstream and so-called independent, cease and desist protecting politicians, governments, oppositions and bureaucrats.

Let’s work together in holding accountable one another, as well the political collaborators who perpetually attempt to deflect responsibility and accountability away from governments, oppositions, politicians, political parties.

Share this out, let’s all lend a hand and help Jeff Colvin, Stephen Hanley, Mel Foat and Blaine Funk complete their mission for the people of Chestermere, Alberta and Canada. As Albertans, let’s set the bar as high as we can for our neighbours across Canada.

Let’s bring home morality, transparency and accountability.

The receipts of evidence have now been shared publicly. They are now on the public record. I’ve a tremendous amount of gratitude and respect for Jeff Colvin, Stephen Hanley, Mel Foat and Blaine Funk.

Very much looking forward to speaking with Jeff Colvin in Calgary Friday evening, April 19, 2024. I look forward also to shaking the hand of a man who stands with the people, in truth, transparency and justice.

God bless those who defend truth, freedom and justice.


Pierre Poilievre, Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh

Rebel News, True North, Western Standard,

Calgary Herald, CBC, CTV, Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Alberta

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