The Canadian Liberal government is in full agitation mode – High Treason kept under wraps.

Mission Accomplished; SNAFU

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service has known the Chinese Government has been secretly funding both Liberal and Conservative parties for over thirty years.

Going on forty years, from Mulroney all the way to Trudeau today, Canada continues to be infiltrated by agents of influence. Chinese and a global Oligarchy.

Every Prime Minister has been compromised. Every Prime Minister, every government, every office compromised.

No one is listening to this phenomenal security risk. Certainly not the criminal politicians.

Neither are Albertans or Canadians. Distract, agitate, incite, divide. Throw Albertans and Canadians political raw meat, and they devour it. Throw them raw truth… and they turn away.

…How’s the Oilers, Flames, Leafs doing?

Questions to everyone who turns away from the truth; Who do you think is really running the country? Running Alberta? Do you care about the future of Alberta and Canada? Do you seriously trust conservative politicians to change their ways?

As I type this, we are losing Alberta land rights, people continue to fall to the jabs, Alberta has a Public Health Act that gives to the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Medical Officer(s) of Health the highest authority in the Province, conservatives also put forward a censorship bill, climate change carbon tax funded fraud is in full swing.

Literally, Alberta has political prisoners and pedophiles are being protected by Alberta’s political and bureaucratic establishments, UCP, NDP and bureaucracy of all public institutions.

Anyways…how’s that Conner McDavid doing?


CSIS agent speaks out.

Canadian betrayal, decades in the making.

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