The kidnapping, abuse and sexual predation of children, evil of all evils – pedophilia. Could this atrocity be happening in Alberta, in Canada?!

Yes it can – it certainly is. Brace yourself for the darkest of truths, be courageous and emboldened in that. Consider this an SOS, a mayday from Alberta, Canada.

For Canada’s children, your attention and resolve is needed. It is needed for the many children and families suffering through this dark reality. Fear can infect the hearts of men and women, but so too can courage. For Canada’s children, please find that courage within you.

There are monsters and beasts who walk among us. Sadly this story is not uncommon, know this evil doesn’t just happen in far away lands.

There is a mother ready to come forward, a practicing PhD whose children were victims of this unspeakable horror, to publicly share her and her children’s ongoing crisis of a hell on Earth. Rather than children, the victims of evil, it is the pedophiles who are being protected. Not only protected, but they continue to work – within the system!

This absolute gut wrenching testimony will shine a light on this evil abomination playing out in Canada, a Nation considered to be one of the safest and most civilized in the world. Dr William Makis recently shone a light on pedophile doctors in AHS and BC health, who have been protected by all public institutions and so another pedophile being protected by that same bureaucracy shouldn’t be of a surprise to anyone should it?

This mother states, “If this could happen to someone like me, it can happen to anyone.” Yes, please stop and think, follow through, ask yourself the question, ask your husband, wife, family, friends and neighbours the question, ‘What does this say about our public institutions?’

Pedophiles continue to be protected by our public institutions, AHS, academia, RCMP, municipal police, judges, justice system, children’s services and media, as government and bureaucracy work to break further the spirit and soul of another mother and her children, society goes about its day, oblivious to the horrors that plague our Province and Nation!

A mother up against an evil system and people who work towards returning the children to the pedophile who abused them! Exhausting all financial resources, learning the law on her own accord, self representing as she and her children live through this hell on earth, and yet, this mother continues to stand strong for her children, in her faith in God and love of a mother.

They’re reaching the eleventh hour, they need an army of support. “They can’t take away any more than they’ve already taken.”

Not only that, this warrior of a mother knows her children are not alone, that many more victims are out there, that many more children remain at risk. If our public institutions have fallen, if they are soulless and morally lost, we must follow through, not only with asking questions, but in taking action!

This is in our hands alone, to rebuild Alberta’s and Canada’s moral compass.

Certain First Nation communities and children are plagued by this evil also. In September 2023 a lawyer presented to Chestermere council, another example of this abomination and also that it is happening within certain First Nation communities. She sounds the alarm of what people face, those who attempt to protect their children.

The following are quotes from that presentation. A presentation Alberta government Minister Ric Mcivor and Alberta Municipal Affairs demanded to wipe from public record. Fortunately it was leaked before being wiped.

  • apprehension of elders, high suicide rates, fatalities for ‘some’ unknown reason
  • RCMP not disclosing evidence to the court’s crown prosecutor
  • 2 to 5 years to get investigation opened, for the RCMP to investigate themselves
  • witnesses never interviewed by RCMP, no victims file ASIRT complaint (ASIRT; Alberta Serious Incident Response Team; RCMP investigate RCMP)
  • Can you imagine if they tried? This is a systemic problem.

My request is for everyone to come together in the conversation of protecting Canada’s children from this evil, to join forces, that the division of left and right politics – protectionism of political parties, politicians, unions, public institutions – falls to the wayside, that our sole focus become protecting Canada’s children, together demanding immediate action on this.

All media outlets, social media influencers, podcasters, political organizations, advocacy groups, politicians, corporations, etc, will be given notice of the time and day of a mother’s revelation of the abuse and suffering of her and her children. Prisoners of Alberta’s public institutions.

Moral courage and righteous anger is needed today. There is a deep anger stirring within me, a calling to action. It’s my hope and prayer that many Canadians, a sea of men and women, fathers and mothers of all ethnicities, of all faiths, believers and non-believers will stand with this mother, shield her and her children from this evil, showing others suffering in this that our Canadian moral courage, resolve, love and compassion of, and for, all children burns brightly within our Nation.

If we cannot come together on this? Then what else is there?

Dr Roger Hodkinson, Dr William Makis, Pastor Artur Pawlowski, Dr Paul Alexander, independent journalist Mocha Bezirgan, myself and others will be standing with this courageous mother as she comes forward and speaks her truth.

Will you stand, speak about, broadcast far and wide and be there for this mother and her children? Will you help us to shine a light on this, to protect children from this evil? To be stewards and advocates in this – with faith, determination and courage – in protection of Canada’s children.

God bless those who defend children, truth, justice and freedom.


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