@Danielle Smith, Pierre Poilievre, Justin Trudeau, Scott Moe are examples of political assets, beholden to the establishment. Not one of them protects children from the many evils hurting children. Let’s focus on pedophiles and vile Covid-19 injections, just two examples hurting children.

Protecting children falls upon all elected representatives. As Dr Makis stated, no Alberta MLA (or MP, Member of Canadian Parliament) has stepped up to protect children from sexual predators inside the bureaucracy of AHS, no politician has stepped up to stop Covid-19 vaccines.

Not one UCP or NDP Provincial MLA. Not one Liberal or Conservative Federal MP.

Do not suggest then that Danielle Smith or ANY other politician is guided by morality. Not when pedophiles are protected by those governments and oppositions along with the bureaucracy of AHS, child family services, police and justice. Not when Alberta’s UCP and NDP add Covid-19 vaccines to the vaccine schedule for children and babies six months and older, continuing to push it on men and women also. Including expecting mothers.

Not one of Alberta’s 87 MLAs, UCP or NDP, not one of Canada’s 338 MPs, CPC, Liberal, NDP, Bloc, not one is stepping up to protect children. And where in the bloody hell is Maxime Bernier on this? When it comes to protecting the health, well-being and the very lives of children there should be no hesitation for a politician to stand up. No excuse whatsoever.

There can be no excuse also for defending any politician and/or party today. Anyone who does so, who protects and defends politicians before children, just stop and think about what you are doing. Consider the responsibility of protecting children falls upon each and every one of us.

It was once known that, “It takes a village to raise a child.” When did that change?


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