Weighing deeper into the waters of protecting children from the evil of sexual predation, my patience for political theatre, for the lies of that, the defending of the politicians in that conversation, my patience will be non-existent.

At the Alberta Legislature, in an exchange with minister of justice Mickey Amery, a bystander was unhappy with my challenging statement, “Mickey, stop protecting pedophiles!” The individual was quick to come to the rescue of this politician, a politician who is absolutely protecting pedophiles. “Are you a Christian?! Christians are not supposed to judge!” said the bystander.

Leading up to that exchange, the bystander approached our group, mentioned that he was an “independent journalist” who’d been attempting to attain Legislative accreditation, and that he could not report on the sexual predation of children in Alberta because he “must remain non-partisan.” Interesting I said, because that is a non-partisan issue.

As to the bystander’s pushback, questioning my faith and conduct as a Christian. God compels good men and women to defend children, not to sit back and allow them to be preyed upon by predators. In defending the innocent, Jesus Christ conducted Himself with righteous anger. To those who suggest otherwise, to those who would give grace to political, bureaucratic and/or societal criminals and monsters – it is you who do not understand.

As Christians, as men and women, believers and non-believers, we have a moral obligation and duty to be filled with righteous anger when children and the innocent are preyed upon. I’m not a Holy man, but I understand the calling to stand and protect children, women and men who are victims of evil. I understand well that when good men and women sit back and do nothing, evil will always prevail.

The free world’s cause is strengthened because it is just. But it is strengthened even more, by the dedicated efforts of free men and free nations. As a great parliamentarian Edmund Burke said, ‘the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing.’

This trip is more than a consultation. More than a goodwill visit. It is an act of faith. Faith in your country. In your leaders. Faith in the capacity of two great neighbours. To meet their common problems. And faith in the cause of freedom, in which we are so intimately associated.

John F Kennedy

That was John F Kennedy speaking to the Canadian Parliament, on May 16, 1961. Back in a moment in time when the Canadian politicians honoured statesmen rather than fascist war criminals, Nazis. How times have changed.

Canada has certainly fallen in the cause of freedom, as well as in the cause of protecting children, women and men from the heavy abusive hands of monsters. When enough good Canadian men and women rise up against evil, that is the only solution at hand.

May God fill the hearts of men and women with righteous anger.


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