The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.

James Abram Garfield

Amen to that. Many times I’ve witnessed the physical pain on the faces of conservatives as I’ve presented the evidence of Canada’s betrayal. It’s overwhelming to be sure.

Vincent Gircys is a 32 year Ontario Provincial Police Forensic Investigator, received a number of commendations throughout 32 year career and retired with Police Exemplary Service medal. Please listen carefully to his testimony below.

Alberta and Canadian money, power hungry individuals, organizations, bureaucrats, doctors, academics, lawyers, corporate interests aligned with like minded globalists, changed Canadian laws, taking control of Canada’s banking, governments/oppositions, bureaucracy of justice/courts, public health, academia, police services and control of all media.

It’s easy to identify the collaborators of that (defenders of the establishment) because they are silent on that betrayal. And conservative Albertans and Canadians are concerned about public unions and Liberals… Funny, not funny.

Wakey wakey family, friends and neighbours. This is societal war, the changing of our way of life, the gutting of freedom and prosperity from within – in broad daylight.

Albertans and Canadians across the political spectrum, the solution is in your hands alone. You can continue falling for the lie that one party/government over the other has betrayed you. You can continue focusing on the next election, or on a ‘saviour’ of a politician who is simply a good actress/actor. If you continue choosing to do so means you’re also contributing to the fall of Canada. You have a responsibility in that.

Only the truth will lead to the solution. Stand up, or continue living on your knees. God never intended for mankind to live on its knees.

James Abram Garfield once asked,

“What is freedom? Is it the bare privilege of not being chained?…If this is all, then freedom is a bitter mockery, a cruel delusion.”

James Abram Garfield (Nov 19, 1831 – Sept 19, 1881); Preacher, lawyer, Civil War general, opposer of slavery. The 20th president of the United States, served from March 1881 until his death that September. Shot by an assassin.

God bless those who defend truth, freedom and justice.

Bob Blayone

Alberta, Canada

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