Update from Dr William Makis, April 14, 2024:

“NEWS UPDATE: PEDOPHILES, Child sex abusers and Child pornographers – exposing Canada’s Healthcare Leaders – Part 1 – Pedophiles at Alberta Health Services and Alberta & BC Governments

Since this shocking story broke on Jan.2, 2024, involving a top Alberta Health Services Executive and former Alberta Premier Rachel Notley’s Ministry of Health Pediatrics Lead Dr.Albert de Villiers, who sexually assaulted a 7 year old boy and 2 other children (and is now serving a 5.5 year prison sentence), the following has happened:

Former Alberta Premier Rachel Notley resigned from politics on Jan.16, 2024 (14 days later!).

Her former Alberta Miniter of Health Sarah Hoffman announced she wants to run for Rachel Notley’s job (leader of Alberta NDP) – the media is doing everything to protect her from this Alberta Health Services child sexual abuse scandal.

No action has been taken so far by current Alberta Health Minister Adriana LaGrange or any United Conservative MLA, to expose the 28 AHS and College of Physicians and Surgeons Officials who wrote letters to the Judge to keep this AHS child sex abuser out of prison. They all still have their jobs running healthcare in Alberta!

I am calling for a whistleblower or someone who can access the Alberta Court Documents and obtain the names of the 28 AHS Executives who tried to keep a child sex abuser out of prison – I will PUBLISH those names PUBLICLY, regardless of the risk involved.

Alberta’s Mainstream Media (CBC News, CTV News, Global News, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, The Calgary Sun) have refused to cover this story.

Alberta’s so-called “Alternative Media” (Rebel News, Western Standard, True North Media, The Counter Signal, Keean Bexte, Cory Morgan, etc) have also refused to cover this story which is truly shocking. What are they so afraid of? Why will they not report on one of the biggest scandals in Alberta’s history, involving child sex abuse?

Independent Media have covered this story and I want to thank those who had the courage to report on this:

If you haven’t had a chance to read the story involving Alberta NDP and BC NDP governments and the child sex abusers that run the healthcare systems of these two provinces, I’m making it publicly available again.

Since April of 2021, Albert de Villiers has been paid (by BC NDP government) more than $700,000 in public funds, despite being arrested and charged with sexual assault and sexual interference against a child in June of that year (2021).

This is a scandal that also involves BC NDP government, and the child sex offender’s bosses: BC NDP Minister of Health Adrian Dix and BC Provincial Health Officer Dr.Bonnie Henry

In the coming weeks, I will be exposing more scandals involving Alberta Health Services, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta – and most importantly, Alberta’s corrupt Judges.

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