In the link below, The Karis Project’s Dale Richardson speaks with Jeff Colvin about accusations of corruption, cronyism and protectionism within Alberta Government, Deputy Ministers (the highest level of bureaucracy) and City of Chestermere former mayor, council and staff.

Resulting from those accusations, “Mayor Jeff Colvin (25 year resident of Chestermere) councillors Stephen Hanley, Mel Foat and Blaine Funk, along with three City chief administrative officers, Kim Wallace, Travis Fillier and Cam Wong were removed from office by Alberta UCP Minister Ric Mcivor”

Jeff Colvin said he campaigned on transparency, saving and respecting taxpayer money, and that he inherited substantial issues.

“Let’s not waste money. How do we get more revenue streams? If you actually spend some time on that, the city actually can return a good amount of money so citizens taxes can go down. Or you provide way more services and keep your taxes low.

Likely every city can do this. But you have to have those goals in mind. If you don’t, taxes will continue going crazy, seniors and people on fixed incomes are going to be hung out to dry. It’s just not right.

But if you get people like Minister Mcivor allowing this corruption to continue, you don’t have a chance. Who wants to put up with this kind of stuff? Nobody will. We will fight back. We will.”

Jeff Colvin

Here’s a few rough notes I’ve transcribed from Dale and Jeff’s conversation. There’s much more information in the interview.

  • Jeff’s group cut $8 million off of the budget, $5 went to new initiatives, $3 right off the top, reduced tax by 6% first, and reduced mill rate by 25% following year
  • Questionable spending; 60 Visa staff credit cards; no reconciliation of accounting; no spent on business items; saved another $4-5 million following year
  • amazing how poorly run cities are run; single CAO model; too much power; leads to a lot of corruption; democracy is based on transparency
  • Jeff’s team put in 3 CAOs for transparency purposes; checks and balances; so there was not one gatekeeper; transparency irregularities came to light
  • Jeff’s council team; lot of business experience; financial expert Steven Handling; Jeff, development and financial; logistics expert; farmer; when staff came; they understood these councilors knew what they were talking about; Jeff and team started ask more questions; corrupt staff began blocking those council members
  • in 2016; 5500 petition to have council and utility investigate, almost 100% of electorate; Ric Mcivor refused to investigate
  • UCP Minister Ric Mcivor’s brother-in-law was the former Mayor of Chestermere
  • Jeff and team brought concerns to Ric Mcivor and RCMP; they were not interested; Municipal Affairs wanted to it sweep under carpet; Jeff’s council refused; Ric Mcivor and Municipal Affairs forced the wiping of information, but it was already leaked by a member of the public
  • Jeff and team filed an ASIRT investigation against RCMP for numerous complaints, for not investigating other issues and protection of friends (Alberta ASIRT investigates police officers conduct)
  • Jeff’s group filed two lawsuits against Municipal Affairs judicial review; inspection review; injunction Dec 4 2023; Feb 6 2024 injunction being heard
  • in two meetings; Ric Mcivor would not allow council to speak
  • Ric Mcivor ordered by court to release information; provide evidence of accusations; Ric Mcivor would never say what evidence was; has not given a record of evidence even though court ordered; provided a small affidavit; includes 37 letters that were provided to Municipal Affairs; surprise surprise, not all complaining about Jeff’s group; of 37 how many were verified? Zero. “John Smith. Joe Smith, etc.” Made up names and letters
  • 3 councilors were against making things better and investigating; 10 to 12 of those 37 letters came from those 3 councilors; 1 incumbent part of the investigation term;
  • example of corruption; soccer field $40 million dollars, vs $7 million fieldhouse; of same quality; only difference was frontal facade and fitness centre; should still have only been $15 million actual build; compared to $40-$60 million not final quote.
  • Jeff on former, accused Chestermere council; Ric Mcivor, Municipal Affairs, RCMP; “I have never seen a more connected group”

And millions, millions and millions more… wasted and stolen taxpayer $$$$$$!

A few more notes;

  • As a formal investigation was underway regarding these allegations, RCMP considered the arrest of Jeff Colvin as the Mayor of Chestermere brought forth a code of conduct investigation by an independent third party investigator, Reynold’s Mirph Law out of Edmonton, late Sept 27 2022.
  • Within 20 hours, Ric Mcivor went to “work” to install new admin and terminate the investigation of judicial interference of three councilors allegedly accused of various breach of code of conduct; connectivity with Municipal Affairs And RCMP
  • Municipal Affairs, Ric Mcivor wanted this stricken off the record, didn’t want anything in writing, wanted it scrubbed, video evidence destroyed from Council Meeting; in the end Ric Mcivor had his way and scrubbed everything; for two years investigation was not allowed to proceed
  • Fortunately a public public member recorded video and shared publicly;
  • Ric Mcivor shut down a second investigation was shut down; the matter in now stagnant;
  • RCMP accidentally sent email to Jeff’s council; RCMP were preparing to proceed with bogus charges; went as far as Ottawa division; Alberta RCMP K division also; looked at approval to file charges; City of Chest; considering replacing RCMP
  • UCP MLAs. Alberta UCP Government, Deputy Premier, UCP Minister Mike Ellis and Minster Mickey Amery were presented with this evidence.
  • RCMP have absolute probable cause to investigate and arrest;

Who should be pounding the drum on this story:

Alberta UCP/NDP MLAs, Alberta MPs, Members of Parliament

RCMP should be investigating and arresting

Mainstream and Independent media

In this story, mainstream and independent media fail in their journalistic integrity, across the board; Calgary Herald, Rebel News, Global, CBC, CTV, et al.

In September 2023, this Chestermere mayor and council provided a lawyer the time and platform to present on the horrific and evil issue of pedophilia, the sexual predation of children in Alberta. Little piggies at the trough as that evil unfolds…

100% deliberate criminal intent. Thank you Dale Richardson, Jeff Colvin and team in your community leadership. God bless those who defend children, truth, justice and freedom.


The Karis Project, EP. 137, Lakeside Larceny

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