Calgary Herald July 28, 2023;

“Between 2011 and 2021, more than 3,500 incidents of human trafficking were reported across Canada, though many incidents go unreported”

“Nearly two years after a provincial task force rolled out a series of recommendations to combat the scourge of human trafficking, the UCP government has announced a $4-million investment to tackle the issue.”

“The Alberta Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons will be created in partnership with three community groups to increase awareness and work to prevent what is often the hidden crime of trafficking in people – mostly women and children – for sexual exploitation, labour or the harvesting of human organs.”

“We can’t afford to close our eyes to the problem of human trafficking. And we can’t afford to ignore those who are at risk of being trafficked or those who have been trafficked,”

Premier Danielle Smith

You read that? The political and bureaucratic establishment understands well the crisis at hand.

In contact with a mother, fathers, lawyer and Alberta victims services worker, children have and are suffering sexual abuse. There are many children, many families, pleading for assistance in this crisis. Cries for help continue to go unanswered.

Children are being preyed upon, yet out here on the ground, cries for help go unanswered, victims are silenced. The children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, front line workers are silenced by the very establishment that protects pedophiles.

That is sinister.

Equally sinister? Well documented evidence, witnesses denied testifying in court proceedings, expert witnesses, doctor, psychologist, child care workers, children being coached by seven Child Family Services workers in a room at one time, “nothing happened to you”, witnesses never interviewed by police, a former lawyer of Children Family Services sitting as the judge in one case.

Conflicts of interest. Abuse of power. Cronyism. Vehemently protecting bureaucratic colleagues, rather than justice, truth and children. Out of control bureaucracy. As Ministers of government and/or MLAs deflect their responsibility in taking action on this, even though they publicly proclaimed they would take action.

Do you see the hypocrisy of that?

An Alberta victims services worker shares examples of repeat offenders, pedophiles being let out time and time again, over twenty years, in Alberta, Canada, as media – mainstream and independent – protect the political and bureaucratic establishments. Media fails in their duty also, of bringing truth and justice, in defending children from sexual predators.

Why would the Alberta UCP government be allowed to erase from the public record a testimony of a lawyer speaking before Chestermere City Council regarding the sexual predation of children, of her family and among First Nation communities?

One of the alleged pedophiles held a high ranking position within Alberta Health Services, within the Chief Medical Officer of Health’s office.

Why would UCP MLAs, NDP opposition, Conservative party of Canada MPs, RCMP, Municipal police, Children Family Services, Crown Prosecution and Alberta Health Services remain silent on that action, of the Alberta UCP government wiping from the public record a lawyer’s testimony of child sexual predation?

How can that be? We know the answer. Alberta pedophiles are being protected by:

  • Alberta Crown Prosecution and Justice System
  • Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons
  • Alberta government & opposition UCP/NDP
  • Alberta Health Services

“These are the people protecting child sex abusers in our beautiful Province of Alberta. I published three articles on pedophilia, child sex abusers and child pornographers at the highest levels of the Alberta healthcare system. These went viral internationally, read by millions all around the world, yet completely ignored by Alberta’s mainstream media.”

Dr William Makis

What is the importance of this February 2, 2024 Press conference Calgary, Alberta?

This mother went public with disclosure of alleged sexual predation of her children. This mother is a professional, respected among her professional peers, including doctors and psychologists. “If this can happen to me, it can happen to anyone.”

Reporting the sexual abuse, the children were taken, apprehended by Children Family Services, justice system and Calgary police services, even though a forensic investigator in child sexual predation stated he ‘believed criminal charges could be pressed’. The alleged pedophile in this case? Another individual holding a high ranking position within Alberta Health Services.

Alberta government and opposition know children are being sexually preyed upon, that pedophiles are being protected within the bureaucracy. They know.

Imagine your child tells you they’re being sexually abused, the alleged predator has powerful connections, protection within the bureaucracy of AHS, justice, police and children’s family services. Imagine being a mother standing alone against a system with endless taxpayer resources.

Imagine being a grandparent witnessing a vile act against your child and being silenced.

United Conservative, NDP, Conservative, Liberal, Danielle Smith, Notley, Poilievre, Trudeau, all of them, they know children are being sexually preyed upon and they do nothing! The next time you defend or champion for these politicians, governments and oppositions consider that.

“‘This milestone wouldn’t be possible without the countless organizations and individuals who shared their experiences and expertise in our journey with Alberta’s Human Trafficking Task Force,’ said Paul Brandt, who is also a platinum recording artist and member of the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame.”

I’ve made contact with Liz Brandt, spoken with her over the phone and sent text messages. For some reason they too fail to engage with these victims.

I’ve asked countless influencers to lend a hand also, to no avail. Protecting the political establishment seems to be their priority above all else. My next communication will be made publicly transparent.

What priority do you place on the protection of children from monsters? As men and women, protecting children is our fundamental core responsibility.

Talking about this crisis is the first step, educating others to the truth of this evil the next and above all else, taking action to end this is our duty. What does that look like? Certainly not defending the political establishment, left or right. Certainly not remaining silent.

If you wish to support Jaime, expressing support, financially, or if you’re facing similar circumstances, Jaime can be reached at;

If you wish to help in any way in advocating, supporting, networking, please contact me directly.

Bob Blayone


Alberta, Canada

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