Don Matheson of Lacombe, Alberta an 82 year old retired RCMP, speaks out; “What the hell has happened inside my Canada? It’s ugly. It’s really ugly.”

Don speaks out about the rape of a former Saskatchewan RCMP officer, in her attempt to shine a light on the sexual predation of a minor by a high ranking RCMP member and in the cover up of that to this day.

After my conversation with an Alberta lawyer who is also exposing the RCMP, CFS, AHS, UCP and NDP in these atrocities, serving municipalities across Alberta with evidence, in Dr Makis’s expose, in a Calgary mother speaking up, in the many conversations with other victims of these wicked political and bureaucratic establishments, more people are coming forward, this dam will one day soon break.

God is seeing to that.

Lawyers, doctors, business leaders, community leaders, politicians at all levels of government, media outlets, podcasters, et al, covid lockdowns and the forced vaccination of the people of Alberta and Canada will pale in comparison to this. My message to you influencers remains the same, my advice is for you to speak about the evil sexual predation of children.

God bless those who defend truth, freedom and justice.

God bless those who defend children.


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