“Farmers in the eastern part of our world band together, fight for their livelihoods, families, friends and future generations, not worried about the consequences. They’re doing an amazing job. They’re winning against their governments.”

Sandy on Facebook

Exactly Sandy.

We’ve a serious problem here in Canada. As Dr Peter McCullough stated,

“We’re at war. From the outside looking in, all British Commonwealth nations are the hardest hit.”

Dr. Peter McCullough

Canada was not formed as we thought it was. We were not as free as we thought we were. If you’re willfully choosing to deny that, if you’re suggesting see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, vote for the lesser of two evils – you’re voting for evil.

What evil? I’ll expand that to five points. There are many more, but I’ll keep it here:

  1. loss parental rights, punishment of 5 years in prison for mentoring child on their child’s sexual transitioning
  2. political establishment protecting pedophiles within public institutions bureaucracy and beyond
  3. public health tyranny, lockdowns, obscenity of forced harmful/lethal mRNA covid vaccines, AB Public health Act
  4. carbon taxes, man made climate change, taxing CO2 criminal fraud
  5. Alberta political prisoners, over two years in remand. Brutal

All of those evils are the responsibility of all federal and provincial governments and oppositions. To those who turn a blind eye to that, the political establishment has you right where they want you. Too scared to take a leap of faith and vote for a neighbor who will speak out against all of that evil and expose things from the inside.

To be clear, I do not endorse Maxime Bernier. I’ve spoken my reasons why that is directly to him. I’m not shy sharing those reasons publicly.

However, I do support good people running as PPC candidates and/or Independent candidates. Even though I’m now at a moment where I see the political/government establishment is beyond fixing, I still see value in sending people inside the beast, those who cannot be whipped by masters.

“But Bob, they’re only polling at…” I don’t care what the polls say. Go ahead and vote how you vote. Keep sending bootlicking Alberta Conservative Party politicians to Ottawa, keep watching them roll over to the establishment, failing you and your children, taking away our rights, bringing in global policies, etc.

The fact is that they have betrayed us. Liberals, Conservatives and NDP. Full stop.

At the end of the day, the Canada we thought we lived in is no more. All Western Democracies are in a societal war. How is that happening? Albertans and Canadians continue not voting with a moral conscience. In that, absolutely nothing will change. In that, if you continue choosing to vote for the lesser of evils there’s a responsibility that rests in your hands for contributing to that transition.

But you do you. Not long ago, I was right where you are today. The solution is first a cultural shift and that will take decades. A lifetime. The road ahead is going to hurt. As more people wake up and wrap their heads around the betrayal, I’ll keep saying to them, like others have said to me, “Welcome back to reality.”

In the meantime, for challenging the betrayal of Liberals, Conservatives and NDP, if I’m called a liberal for doing that – at least I can still laugh. 😂🤣👍I’m not saying this in a mean spirited way, I’ve come to terms with and understand that the level of ignorance, the depth of deception, is the issue. Until Albertans and Canadians can come to terms with the reality of the day, over decades our way of life has been systematically and willfully changed, by the hands of governments and so called oppositions, nothing will change.

Uni-parties/governments; a vote for Poilievre is a vote for Trudeau. A vote for Trudeau is a vote for Poilievre. Singh is powerless and irrelevant.

Liberal/NDP/CPC; where communists and fascists merge.

God be with us all.


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