A question of morality.

Are Alberta/Canadian politicians governing as Christians, following God’s laws?

Are they honouring and respecting Canadian mothers and fathers?

Are they not stealing and thieving from Canadians?

Are they not murdering and abusing Canadians?

Are they not coveting more power?

Are the following acts the actions and conduct of Christian leaders?

  • within and outside Alberta bureaucracies, incl. CFS & Alberta Health Services, pedophiles are protected
  • as UCP & NDP protect pedophiles never will they protect parental right to mentor own child on sexuality
  • political prisoners Olienick/Carbert held over 2 years, no due process denied bail as pedos are protected
  • condoning the murder of unborn babies
  • proven-to-be harmful/lethal covid vaccines continue, now in children and babies AHS vaccine schedule
  • Alberta’s public health act, AHS bureaucrats highest authority in Alberta, WHO soon to be above that
  • Alberta/Canada’s governments & oppositions align acts/laws with WEF Paris Accord & WHO treaty
  • turning a blind eye to the abuse, neglect and suffering of Canadian Native Indians
  • Canadians being stolen from, abused in over-taxation, carbon taxes being small part of that theft
  • Canadians God given right of peaceful assembly failing to be respected and defended

Alberta’s premier danielle smith, ministers and mlas, ucp and ndp, Canada’s prime minister, opposition leaders and parties, trudeau, singh, poilievre, blanchet, liberal, ndp, conservative, bloc MPs enact immoral unHoly abuse, injustice, harm and atrocities upon children, women and men.

Alberta’s & Canada’s politicians are guilty of committing abuses and atrocities upon Canadians.

No, they are NOT following God’s laws! They are NOT governing as Christians!

Does it make any sense, is it moral, to be defending ANY of these politicians and governments? Does it make any sense to defend those defending pedophiles? Do not speak that you are a follower of the word of God, a follower of Jesus Christ, while defending politicians inflicting pain, suffering, torture and abuse upon men, women and children.

Should Christians be outraged at all the above atrocities and immoral abominations? Should non-believers be outraged? Absolutely, yes!

“It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones”

Luke 17:2


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