Alberta, Canada is not the beacon of freedom. Not even close.

This is the decision, everyone. This is what took Justice Rickards an additional 12 days after the deadline to finally give to us. This is what cost $3500 of YOUR hard earned money. This is the answer we expected, if you have questions please do come ask us. They’re spitting in the face of every person who ever dares to question their “authority”. Not just us, but every person who supports us. Thank you for supporting us Happy People.

Stacey Pacholek

Stacey’s Happy Place, coffee shop/bookstore, a family run Alberta small business who refused to comply with the nonsense covid orders of Alberta Health Services, the Alberta and Canadian governments, has lost the legal battle with the government (s) and AHS.

There’s somewhat of a win here also – the exposure of truth.

Up to this ruling Stacey and her family continued to face the abuse of AHS, AHS bureaucrats assisted by RCMP, as both the UCP and NDP remained silent, condoning the abuse. And not that I focus on one politician over all others – where’s the saviour Danielle Smith here?

Stacey has shone another light of truth, in that this case proved last year’s Alberta court, Justice Romaine Covid-19, ruling irrelevant.

Given the results of this case, given the Alberta Public Health Act as it stands today, in how the UCP government amended that act (LAW), foregoing the “formality” of any illusion, the UCP have handed over the highest power in Alberta to the bureaucracy of AHS.

AHS having authority over government, police, justice – Albertans. How does that sound? That “Medical Officer (s) of Health and AHS Chief Medical Officer of Health will rule over all, with the backing of the RCMP and all other municipal police. The very bureaucracy and police that protects the pedophiles in AHS and beyond. That sounds like a nightmare to me.

WHO needs the WHO? Who needs the World Health Organization to impose medical tyranny when conservative regimes have set the table of bureaucratic tyranny so very well.

Reminder. Alberta is not governed by Trudeau’s Liberals. Alberta is governed by a conservative regime, governed by the United Conservative Party and the 48 UCP MLAs. Falling for the political theatre, continuing to yell at the wrong politician (s). Yes, the NDP are as far left/communist as you can get, the UCP are as fascist as can be.

All regimes have betrayed Canadians. Liberals, NDP, Conservatives and Bloc and speaking of federal politicians. Where the hell are Alberta’s Conservative MPs in calling out the injustice and abuse of the people of Alberta, of children being sexually preyed upon, pedophiles protected, of political prisoners, of the continued injection of covid vaccines?

The uni-parties/government (s) of Alberta and Canada have led our province and country to a very dark day. The beast hasn’t lost its teeth, it’s simply lulled the masses to sleep, the political pied pipers playing their part, influencers, bootlickers to the politicians, convincing Albertans and Canadians to cheer for nothing more than political actors and actresses.

Want to cheer someone on? Maybe stop cheering for betraying politicians and start supporting true leaders? I’ll be heading to Eckville Alberta today for a coffee, to express my appreciation and respect to Stacey and the Pacholek family. For long ago drawing their line in the sand, defending the rights and freedoms of Albertans and Canadians – fearlessly.

God bless those who defend truth, freedom and justice. God bless the Pacholek family.


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