“Give me liberty, or give me death” – Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry was one of the founding fathers of the United States, a leader in the liberation of the people of America from the British Empire, taking liberty to another level with the follow through of the US Bill of Rights, limiting federal powers, ensuring liberty right down to the individual.

The anniversary of the Coutts Freedom Convoy came and went, and so too did another day of four men being unlawfully held in Alberta Remand Centres. Two years, in a system meant to hold an accused for an average of seventeen hours. Another day gone, as reason, accountability and justice has yet to return to Alberta and Canada.

Although I’m thankful thirty year criminal lawyer Leighton Grey came out publicly again, clearly stating the actions and authority Danielle Smith and Minister of Justice Mickey Amery hold to end the two year long incarceration of Alberta’s four political prisoners Tony Olienick, Jerry Morin, Chirs Carbert and Chris Lysak.

While I’m thankful Leighton advised everyone on the legalities of that, he missed an important political follow through. In the Alberta United Conservative party, it is all UCP MLAs who make up the Caucus, and those not serving as government Ministers, as a group, have the ability to absolutely pressure the Premier and Minister of Justice to take action on that. That they also have a duty ensuring the lawful rights, human rights, Alberta Bill of Rights and Canadian Constitutional rights of the people of Alberta are protected.

As with the political theatre, that Jason Kenney alone was solely responsible for the heavy handed abuse of Albertans, that he alone acted and stood with Justin Trudeau and the Canadian government in the imposing of lockdowns, forced vaccinations, the abuse of Albertans which led to the Coutts freedom convoy and enacting of the Emergency Measures Act.

It’s important to identify the fact that the Alberta UCP government signed off on and supported all of that. The imposing of the Emergency Measures Act, forced vaccination and lockdowns, and that UCP Caucus, all other MLAs, NDP MLAs also, failed in their duty to defend the people of Alberta from those actions and infringements on their rights, freedoms and safety from a harmful injection.

Furthermore, there are those continuing to promote foolish political theatre, to suggest again that taking over UCP CA Boards, awaiting another UCP annual general meeting, changing UCP party policy, or perhaps holding another UCP leadership review will ever hold accountable the government, will ever lead to the release of Alberta’s political prisoners, the shutting down of covid vaccines, the ending of net zero climate change fraud or protect children from sexual predators.

It is important to identify the root cause of tyranny, abuse, the loss of liberty and life so that all those governments, politicians and bureaucrats responsible face the consequences of their actions and inactions. To those political collaborators, to those defenders of the politicians abusing the people of Alberta know that in doing what you’re doing, in playing both sides, in withholding true accountability and justice, you are hurting your friends and neighbours, men, women and children of Alberta.

In outreach from people who’ve been let down by the legal system and lawyers there’s been examples presented to me, of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, of life’s savings gone with nothing to show for that. In that, in the justice system, in lawyers, trust is hard to come by. An example being Tony Olienick’s former lawyer Toni Roulston. In the details of that, and in other examples, in that greed – as people suffer – I’m very troubled.

In Tony, in mothers trying to protect their children from sexual predators, in workers who lost their jobs facing forced covid vaccination, in a father going to jail to protect his child from being covid vaccinated, in a coffee shop/bookstore standing against AHS and the Alberta government, in many many more examples of people who fell into the meat grinder that is Alberta’s injustice system, in all of those people who could have used a lifeline I’ve come across one lawyer who defends Albertans pro bono. As the saying goes, money is the root of evil.

How did it come to this? Over these last four years I’ve come to understand Canada’s not what I once thought it was and like so many Albertans I’m passionately committed to the idea of independence. However, as Patrick Henry long ago pointed to and fought for, we cannot miss what’s at the heart of our independent spirit. To follow through. To be independent and free within provinces, regions and communities within those borders. To be independent and free as individual men and women. To look beyond simply being an independent Republic of Alberta, but rather seeking the finality of that, of becoming independent men and women.

To be truly free from tyranny of government, its institutions and bureaucratic elites. Free from a tyrannical and abusive justice system. Through God, the Creator, or as unbelievers, there is a natural instinct, a calling within us, a spirit born within us to defend independence, liberty, and freedom.

Over many decades, as we blue collar and middle class people lived our lives, raised families, worked, operated farms & businesses and also carved out a bit of time to enjoy life, slowly but surely, we began to worry about bills, cost of living and tax increases, we began to worry about the loss of liberty and prosperity and our children and grandchildren’s future in this country of Canada. Why was that? It was by design. In that the political, judicial and bureaucratic elites were carving out, cutting away at our very existence, carving their slice of money and power while they carved away our independence and freedom.

As I say, over these last four years I’ve come to understand Canada’s not what I once thought it was. How could I not?! The evidence is damning, it is written in the history books, it is written in the changing and additions of Canadian and Alberta law; Land Stewardship Act, Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act, Sustainability Act, Quarantine Act, Bill C-4 in the taking away of the rights of Canadian parents, Covid-19 Emergency Measures Act, Public Health Act, etc, etc.

Where we as people, outside of a meaningless vote every four years, are now locked in with a political system closely guarded by a legacy political power structure and bureaucracy that has no desire to relinquish power. Where we as people have no voice or mechanism to bring to justice governments, politicians and bureaucrats. As the political collaborators con some into believing those governments and politicians will ever change or add laws so that those politicians can be brought to justice?!

Already proven to be in the highest court of Alberta, in the Judicial District of Wetaskiwin, in the case involving the ‘Citizens of Canada’ versus Wilton Littlechild, a Conservative Party of Canada Member of Parliament, we the people are powerless. Whereas;

Precedent was set, in that;

The, “Plaintiffs (Canadians) have no cause of action against the Defendant (the government). No legal duty on an elected representative at any level of government to consult with his constituents or determine their views. There is no legal requirement.

I adopt the quotation from the trial in the Roman Corporation case, where: ‘It is of the essence of our parliament system of government that our elected representatives should be able to perform their duties courageously and resolutely in what they consider to be the best interests of the Government of Canada Inc., free from any worry of being called to account anywhere except in parliament.’ The only remedy existing for the Plaintiffs (Canadians) is the remedy provided by our Constitution in the right to vote in a future election.”

End quote. There you have it. As clear and succinct as can be.

As Canadians we must go through a grieving process, of understanding Canada has fallen, that the ability for us as people to ever hold politicians, governments and bureaucrats accountable, to bring them to justice is gone. Purposely, with intent.

And so, rather than sharing the truth of it all, the truth of how far Canada and Alberta have fallen and how that came to be, it is frustrating to see political pied pipers suggest that the people of Alberta continue to play political theatre, ‘work from within’, work with their enslavers and betrayers, continue kicking the can of justice down the road.

As people, we must come to terms in understanding the actors in this betrayal, the roles certain people play, and rather than bending the knee to political elites, praising and giving platitudes and applause, we must identify the actions and the actors who played roles leading to the loss of our National, Provincial and individual independence and freedom.

Bowing in honour of titles, of Premiers, Prime Ministers, Lords, Crowns, Kings and Queens, rather than honouring the people first and foremost certainly doesn’t lend to the spirit of re-finding justice or taking back our prosperity, freedom and independence.

There is something written in another book also regarding freedom, something that is carved in the very spirit and the souls of men and women. That we are not to obey or bend the knee to unjust, tyrannical, abusive, genocidal governments, politicians, bureaucratic elites or Kings.

God bless those who defend truth, justice and freedom.

God bless you all.


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