Hello everyone on this Good Friday, Friday March 29, 2024.

Just wanted to share what’s on my heart and mind today on this Holiest of days, on a day of remembrance, the day Jesus Christ was crucified, gave Himself to release us from sin, God’s second chance after original sin, a new dawn.

I’ll begin with a question I’ve asked many times over. In over 2000 years, what has changed? My opinion is nothing has changed. I’d suggest when it comes to disobeying God’s laws, His commandments, things are much worse today.

God’s word and prayer have been removed from schools, halls of justice and government. All is not well on Earth today. If Jesus walked the Earth today, if He was born this year, the kings, the Pharisees of today, the churches of today, would attempt to murder Jesus Christ once again, as a baby and as a man.

Over the past three years, I’ve enjoyed many discussions with many people of many faiths and ethnic backgrounds. I’ve come to know something well. At the end of the day we’re all the same. Wishing to live our lives, raise our children, make a living and enjoy life. Enjoy our time on this earth in peace and harmony.

I’ve discovered something else, history is not what it seems. There have been puppeteers to the many wars, genocides, injustices, those orchestrating catastrophic events, creating fear and division. Puppeteers wishing to rule mankind, to rule the world, to cull humanity. Those who are the modern-day pharisees. Some Pharisees of today are known as Zionists, those making up far less than one percent of the Jewish people, others are kings and queens of the monarchy, others still are the politicians in Western Democracies.

I’ve come to understand every ethnic group has a small percentage of their population wishing to rule over all others, and have turned in a dark way. A dark deception, like cancer in their hearts and minds. Those believing themselves to be the elite, wiser and smarter than all other men and women. Those turning a blind eye to the injustice of men, women and children. Where greed and pride manipulates them, gaining control through politics, governments, of both left and right, bureaucracies within public institutions. We’ve been taken over by that mindset.

Please keep that in consideration. Many influencers of the day have fallen to that, in justice, governments, politics, business, public health, academia, Our only hope is in we the people. To think diligently, to pray if you’re a believer. To pray for discernment.

In Gaza and Ukraine, innocent men, women and children are caught in the crossfire of those genocidal conflicts orchestrated by the global oligarchs wishing to rule the world. Zionists make up just one group of actors in those ongoing evil geopolitical situations.

Did you know that the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline was blown up by the United States? Did you know there are those wishing to see WW3 come to be?

Here are a few Zionist facts; the modern day Pharisees;

  • Once again, Zionist make up a very small percentage of Jewish people. Zionists align with fascism. Blue collar Jewish people align with you and me.
  • during WW2, Jewish Zionists turned in their Jewish friends and neighbours to the Nazi’s
  • again, if Jesus Christ was born this year, if He was a grown man this year, he would be murdered once again by the Zionists, the modern day Pharisees
  • millions of Christians have been severely deceived, Zionists having them believing that when God speaks of Israel over 2500, He does not speak of Israel as a land mass. God speaks of Israel a people, believers of Jesus Christ, believers of God, His people
  • in Israel today, and beyond, Zionists literally spit on Christians and Muslims both on the street
  • Why? Both Christians and Muslims recognize the Holiness of Jesus Christ. Muslims simply do not believe in the Trinity.
  • Hamas was created by whom? The warmongering military complex. By the CIA, by Israel’s Mossad. That’s right, created by the Zionists.
  • Did you know that Ben Shapiro is a Zionist believing that Jesus Christ got what he deserved? Because he was disobeying the king and Roman Empire.

Benjamin Netanyahu is Jewish Zionist. He is not a man of God. Force vaccinating almost 100% of the people of Israel. They’ve had digital ID for years, recently adding the layer of biometric surveillance to their digital ID. Israel has checkpoints like no other place.

The people of Israel were starting to rise up against Netanyahu just before the Gaza war broke out. For a country with iron fisted checkpoints. There are questions surrounding the massacre on December 7, 2023. The gate was left open. Why? There are questions regarding 911, New York’s Twin Towers, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the assassination of John F Kennedy, and much much more.

If people stop and think today, regarding the divide and conquer tactics that perpetuates at the hands of left and right politicians and governments, one doesn’t have to be a scholar or expert on the geopolitical situation to recognize that mankind of all faiths and ethnicities have and are being weaponized against one another.

Do you honestly believe that God, that Jesus Christ would condone genocide of men, women and children in Gaza. Do you not understand that in Gaza there are people of all faiths, including Christians?

I spoke to one such person just the other day who now lives in Alberta, a man who is rightfully heartbroken and angry at his friends and neighbours who are calling on Gaza to be levelled to the ground.

Do not dare say to me that I condone terrorism. As I’ve been calling out terrorism and genocide within Alberta and Canada. The murder, rape and torture at the hands of whom? That’s right, at the hands of our own governments.

We are at war. It’s been playing out for decades. Operation Paperclip dispersed thousands of Nazis around the world. To Canada and to the United States. In the US quickly being given the highest security clearances in NASA, Pentagon and the Whitehouse.

In Canada two Nazis were recently given a standing ovation in the Canadian Parliament. All political parties and governments in Alberta and Canada answer to the same global masters.

Further political theatre and manipulation of your minds goes like this, So Trudeau supports Palestine, Poilievre Israel, therefore you’ll support whichever side depending on your political allegiance. While Trudeau, Poilievre, conservatives, liberals and ndp answer to, are puppeteered by, the global Zionists, a global Oligarchy.

All of those politicians could care less about the Palestinian or Israeli. Heartbreaking how easily people are manipulated and deceived by the liar of liars, the deceiver of deceivers. Satan continues to cloud the hearts of men and women.

May God have mercy on humanity today. I don’t believe people are inherently evil. People do not know what they do. May God remove the scales from the eyes of mankind.

Moving on, let’s come back to Canada; about less weighty things, such as the taxing of CO2, a miracle building block of life. Politicians Lie. Politicians deceive. Today and 2000 years ago. Political Promises vs Political Lies. Empty words vs historical actions of evidence.

A very good number of Canadians are waking up to the political theatre, that uni-parties, that being governments with no opposition are responsible for the fall of Canada, the fall of all Provinces within Canada and the state of the world.

Trudeau, Singh, NDP and Liberals align with the climate change fear mongering “side”, while they play “bad” guys to conservatives. Liberals impose harsher carbon taxes, while Poilievre, conservative MPs like Leslyn Lewis, premiers like Danielle Smith and the six others play the “good” guys, “Damn you Trudeau! We promise we will axe the tax, spike the hike”, politicians playing their part, dangle a tantalizing political carrot for Albertans and Canadians to bite at.

Only the promised carrot comes with a price, “all we ask is that you elect Canada’s next political saviour into power”. Political carrots with no nutritional substance, illusions with no basis of reality carefully crafted in political boardrooms by political strategists, “What will hook the attention and support of the masses? Well, they seem to hate carbon taxes, let’s go with that.”

There’s where the issue lies. They’re lying through their teeth. They don’t care anyone being hurt by carbon taxes and climate change lies. They don’t care about wars where innocent people are caught in the crossfire, sending billions in support of genocide.

Empty promises intended only to fill ballot boxes for politicians, not grocery carts and gas tanks for Canadians. How can we know if political carrots are a lie? It’s really very simple. Focus on politicians, parties and government’s historical actions, their true words spoken in the acts/laws they’d passed. Truth is found in those receipts of evidence showing where their true loyalty, plans and actions lie. Pun intended.

I’ve empathy for those lacking discernment in seeing they’re the mark, the patsy, the fiddles so easily played by politicians and government empires. On both left and right. I’ve spoken to many people across the political spectrum and many people are seeing through the lies of man made climate change. Axe the tax comes from both conservative and liberal premiers.

With that, political strategists are masters of deflecting away from who is responsible for imposing such punitive fraudulent taxes on Canadians. The answer is that they are all responsible and this current chapter of political theatre crosses all party lines.

However, there’s no intention to abolish carbon taxes on the establishment’s part. If politicians were actually opposed to carbon taxes, hard hitting follow through can begin today. For those grounded in the truth you can see these politicians are simply biding their time, as more treachery unfolds. For those who see through the lies, you acknowledge that the hard hitting way to abolish carbon taxes would be for the 7/10 provinces to begin a constitutional challenge, for the conservative federal opposition to get the ball rolling on their end.

This is a brilliant political move, in a sinister way. Political Theatre 101, a master’s class. Carbon taxes resonate with the masses because many people are having a hard time making ends meet, so political strategists come up with perfect buzz words, deceiving Canadians that are looking for hope. ‘Axe the tax, spike the hike’, a lie. How do we know? Based on the historical evidence. These political talking heads will do no such thing.

They’re lying and people are believing the lies because they’re desperate for hope.

Conservatives, liberals, ndp are entrenched in climate change carbon tax funded fraud. Where billions of dollars of carbon tax dollars plus direct taxpayer subsidies are flowing to players in that lie. The lie that is man-made climate change, the taxing of CO2, is destroying businesses, creating power blackouts, hurting men, women, children and families, creating hunger and hurting the bottom line of Canadians. And we’ve only just begun.

Why some won’t look at the historical evidence, at historical facts, is a head scratcher for sure. If the Calgary Flames or the Edmonton Oilers promised to “Bring home the Stanley Cup” late in the season, with 20 wins and 50 losses, with no hope in hell in fulfilling that promise, they’d laugh and tell them to get real. That’s the problem, many people can rattle off hockey standing and stats, few can rattle off the stats of the politicians.

Let’s talk about the political establishment building of a franchise politician. Keep something in mind here. When I say establishment, it’s the same as the NHL, not a single franchise, but the corporation as a whole. The Canadian political establishment is made up of conservative, ndp, liberal and bloc quebecois.

Regarding Canadian “action on climate change”, the Liberals played their part enacting carbon taxes in Canada. The foundation of that in Canada being laid over the decades with Alberta leading the way. Climate change carbon tax funded fraud came to Alberta eleven years before Trudeau became leader of the Liberal party, Alberta’s conservative government introduced carbon taxes thirteen years before an ndp Alberta government came to be.

Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis is another popular CPC MP saying they’ll axe the tax. Let’s look at her very recent history. During her time with Trillium Foundation, she gave taxpayer money to climate change organizations wishing to shut down oil development in Alberta and Canada, groups all agreeing with the cult-like nonsense that Canadian “oil is dead”, that it should be made to die very soon.

In June of 2019 Lesly Lewis distributed three grants to the Tides Foundation (MakeWay today), an absolute climate change alarmist group that worked hard shutting down Alberta’s Oil Sands, Canada’s oil resource sector. A single June 2019 Tides Foundation grant came to $200,000 of Ontario taxpayer dollars alone.

The following excerpts are from an article, “Leslyn Lewis, the ‘Green Energy’ candidate”, written by Dan McTeague, published in Canadians for affordable energy. You can read the full article by searching for that title clicking here. All links to the information about Leslyn Lewis’s climate change position can be found in that.

“Lewis laments the ‘dependency’ on oil and gas in ways we have been hearing for years from the Canadian Left.”

“Lewis argues that “barriers (should be) removed to allow easy transfer of green technology that will reduce dependency on fossil fuels.” If this sounds a bit like climate alarmism, that’s because it is. Aren’t those same hydrocarbons she is criticizing the ones that have ensured we have reliable and affordable energy here in Canada?”

“Lewis, like Peter MacKay and Erin O’Toole, won’t commit to pulling out of the Paris Agreement. In fact she is on the record as being enthusiastic about it, responding to a Peter MacKay tweet in 2019 about a session he attended on social development goals: ‘Sustainable development goals and Paris convention is an essential part of any international law practice. Glad to see your initiative at the UN!”

“The Paris Agreement is a treaty under international law. It obliges every signatory country, including Canada, to develop its own targets, to register those targets, and to be transparent about how we meet them.”

“Lewis argued that she doesn’t necessarily see anything wrong with the targets, as long as the Paris Agreement doesn’t ‘impose on our national sovereignty.’ Considering how Canada has made its bed under the Paris Agreement, we are in deep, deep trouble. Lewis should acknowledge this.”

“Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said Thursday (March 28, 2024) that the dispute between several provinces and the federal government over Ottawa’s carbon pricing plan likely won’t end without a change in the federal government.” And then, “When asked if he supported the Paris Climate Accord, Scott Moe said that he did”.

Dan McTeague’s article on Leslyn Lewis

Or, rather than Moe, Pierre Poilievre, Danielle Smith and the other now six premiers talking, ‘axe the tax’, if they truly understand and acknowledge the grave consequences burdening the people of Canada from carbon taxes and the climate change fraud, they’d take immediate action and not use it as a damn political carrot and begin the process of a constitutional challenge.

But they support the Paris Climate change accord. They bend the knee to that globalist lie that is manmade, CO2 inducing climate change, global warming. “When it comes to climate change, I’ve done a complete one-eighty. I’m now an early adopter in believing Alberta can reach Net Zero faster than anyone anywhere else.” Danielle Smith.

In some of the outreach I’ve received for calling on these politicians to knock off their political theatre, a few individuals who attended the Edmonton ‘axe the tax’ Poilievre/Smith rally days ago said, “Bob, Pierre is saying when he forms government they’ll axe tax. He’s a common sense Canadian who grew up in Alberta.” Number one, read all the above. Secondly, is Pierre Poilievre truly a common sense middle class Canadian? Let’s review Pierre’s history

Right on the heels of graduating from UofC with a bachelor of arts degree Poilievre went to work as a political staffer, elected as a conservative CPC MP at 25, mentoring under Harper and CPC ministers since 2007, shadowing ministers in key portfolios, Harper’s parliamentary secretary, a minister of government at the age of 34 under Harper.

To summarize. Pierre Poilievre is a lifetime politician, groomed for this day, current next in line prime minister of Canada, plugged in and ready. “Read this script”. A puppet and nothing more. He is not a common sense Canadian. Far from it.

Uni-parties, governments and opposition brought Canada to this day, conservative, liberal, ndp, bloc, yes Maxime Bernier also. All worked together, good guys/bad guys, laying the foundation to what Canadians are enduring today. Carbon taxes, covid public health tyranny, changing of laws, adding of new laws, giving up further Canadian sovereignty. Harper called the transition “enlightened sovereignty” at one of his speeches at the WEF meetings, with Klaus Schwab sitting to his left. CPC and Liberal government ministers attend regularly also. CPC ministers leading WEF committees, talking about a New World Order.

They knew damn well what they were doing. Those are not conservative or traditional liberal politicians. Fascists, communists, Zionists – those who covet power over all others.

Canada’s confederation, democracy, justice and freedom are long gone. We’re now living under a Canada that is neither strong nor free. Where Judicial Supremacy and public health tyranny are the new normal. A police state where East Coast fishermen are trampled under hoof as political prisoners are held for over two years, lethal Covid-19 vaccines pushed on Alberta and Canadian children and babies, unborn babies being killed, as pedophiles and rapists are protected.

Oh Canada, our home and broken land, where the hundred and fifty year long injustices of Native Indians continues, the abuses against so many Canadians quickly forgotten, as many Canadians are caught in a never ending trance of political theatre. Awaiting the politicians to save them, the very politicians enslaving them, abusing them, betraying them and poisoning them.

Below is the link to the document where you’ll find the receipts of evidence of what many of us consider to be a treasonous Canadian betrayal. Where God’s laws were replaced by man’s.

When the murder and sexual predation of children are condoned, by actions and silent complicity, that is when we know that we as a society have fallen.

Please stop defending the politicians and governments, kings, the modern day Pharisees, of their many abuses, trespasses against men, women and children, in Alberta, Canada and all around the Earth. God calls us to defend those being abused.

I’ll keep saying it again and again until you can hear me, that these politicians, political parties, governments and oppositions have led Canada to a very dark day.

On this Holiest of days, Good Friday, March 29, 2024 let’s remember the sacrifice of those who laid down their lives defending not only the life and the liberty of their family, but also of their friends and neighbours. Let’s remember most of all the sacrifice Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour laid down for us.

Please honour God’s laws, honour and protect one another.

God bless you and be with you.


“I will not forget you. I have written your name on the palms of my hands.”

Isaiah 49: 15-16


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