Reflections from Mexico.

In an email to Ezra Levant I’d asked if Rebel News would report on the sexual predation of Alberta children and of the betrayal of Alberta and Canada, at the hands of uniparty governments and oppositions. Ezra responded with, ‘you’re a kook Bob’.

I replied to Levant that I’m only a kook in the eyes of cucks to the establishment, those who are subservient obedient loyalists to the political and bureaucratic establishment. Licking the boots of the political and bureaucratic power structure. Those are the kooks.

I’ll add context to this fork in the road with someone who I’d never trusted. Going back a few months ago Levant was upset because I’d asked Tony Olienick’s team (Danielle and Nikki) to publicly explain exactly when Rebel News had abandoned Tony and how much of the funds raised on behalf of the Coutts Four went towards helping the men fund their legal fees.

As shared by Tony’s team, with a focus on Tony, Levant’s Rebel News legal support (Martin from Williamson’s Law) was pulled in mid interrogation and zero funds went to Tony’s further legal fees. Tony’s team also brought to light that Tony never fired Martin (lawyer provided by Rebel News fund) that the lawyer quit. Angry with me, Levant reached out, demanding I stop publishing false statements.

In an attempt to have both parties meet, to come to the table and discuss the facts and evidence at hand, in being willing to mediate that, Levant declined. Brutal.

Levant was also pretty upset with me in my first face to face conversation with him. It was regarding the UCP, CPC, Liberal, NDP coalition, their work bringing Canada and Alberta into into the WEF Net Zero climate change fraud, WHO International Health Regulation health tyranny, UNDRIP land grab, SOGI, allegiance to United Nations, Bilderberg, Club of Rome, World Bankers over the people of Canada.

In that conversation Levant wasn’t happy with me, he didn’t want to hear any of that. I had a similar conversation with Andrew Lawton of True North Media, who instantly deflected, “but Trudeau…” Counter Signal, mostly all major podcasters, to this day refuse to share that evidence. Western Standard was funded directly by the UCP as well as ties with a major lobbyist, best friend to Harper.

Independent media? Ya right. Money, money, money and power.

I’ve received outreach from several people telling me that it wasn’t only Levant’s Rebel News fundraising organization that benefited over the last four years. While there were a handful of celebrity freedom fighters legally well taken care of, the vast majority of people are nameless casualties of the UCP and Liberal government’s abusive lockdowns, forced vaccinations that destroyed lives, families and businesses, lost jobs, loss of goodbyes of dying loved ones, harmful side effects and lives lost from the injections themselves.

Some individuals and groups put forward thousands of dollars in legal fees, life’s savings and were let down regarding legal support. They then watched those same lawyers promoting and campaigning for the Alberta UCP government which had betrayed and destroyed those people.

How’s that for adding insult to injury?

People profiteering off the suffrage of others disgusts me, as does ‘Independent’ media covering up the decades-long history of the restructuring of Canada, aligning our country with a global model of governance. ‘Enlightened Sovereignty’ as Stephen Harper called it.

What really weighs on me though is the ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ attitude regarding pedophiles being protected in Alberta. There’s no excuse for that. When it comes to protecting children from sexual predators I expected every organization, podcaster, media outlets, all influencers, to be at the front line in that conversation.

It’s a sad state of affairs we’re living in. Individuals, media, organizations, lawyers, influencers making money off of the suffrage of humanity, while simultaneously creating perpetual theater, withholding justice and accountability. Pointing the finger of responsibility at the bureaucracy of public health, justice, or Trudeau, Notley, NDP, Liberals, etc, when knowing damn well the betrayal runs much deeper than that.

Here’s what I’m seeing today. Defenders of the political establishment converging together in, controlling the narrative, with the mission of protecting the political establishment, in turn the bureaucratic establishment. The only way to hold bureaucrats responsible is through the governance structure of Alberta and Canada. These influencers include;

  • lifetime contractor of government
  • criminal, constitutional lawyers
  • lifetime political operatives
  • podcasters, cafe owner
  • large business owner
  • lobbyists

Those influencers may sometimes look like they’re holding politicians accountable, in the end they are talking out of both sides of their mouth. Those influencers are:

  • silent on Alberta pedophiles being protected and/or deflecting responsibility only to AHS/NDP
  • bending actuality of justice Romaine covid ruling, that connection to Alberta Public Health Act
  • silent on covid vaccines, business/people continue living consequences of UCP covid tyranny
  • silent, how Net Zero climate change fraud, WHO public health tyranny came to Alberta (UCP)
  • claim Alberta UCP parental rights political victory when there’s no victory to be had (Bill C-4)
  • speaking of class action lawsuit against bureaucracy, as UCP gov continues to abuse

Those influencers are simply cheerleaders of the UCP and Smith, attempting to reinstall faith in those politicians and UCP government, attempting to move UCP further away from being held accountable for brutalizing Albertans through covid and beyond, attempting to lay responsibility on the bureaucrats, while protecting the political establishment responsible for the governance structure of those atrocities. In other words, it’s a smoke show.

Take Back Alberta Health Services being an example of that. With that, it’s widely known that the College of Physicians and Surgeons holds power over doctors and nurses. If TBA wishes to ‘Take Back AHS’, Alberta UCP government can damn well begin by terminating the CPSA.

Further to that, these defenders of the political establishment, a criminal lawyer included, were ok with the lifetime contractor of the government abusing the most trusted advocates and family of Tony Olieinck and Jerry Morin. They were ok with the abuse of those women, a mother, wife, two lifelong friends and of a woman who took it upon herself, dedicating herself advocating for all four political prisoners. That’s a failure of those men who call themselves advocates of justice.

That’s a colossal failure overall. Their influence in protecting the political establishment does not bring accountability forward, or of turning the tide of the many travesties, crimes and evil playing out in Alberta;

  • pedophiles protected over Alberta children
  • the protection of AHS executives, CPSA
  • continued lethal/harmful covid injections
  • injustice of Alberta political prisoners
  • net zero climate change fraud

Alberta’s UCP/NDP, Canada’s Liberal, Conservative, NDP, Bloc governments and oppositions aligned on all the above and more. You’ll never hear that from any of those defenders of the political establishment on either side.

Nothing makes me shake my head more than a political apologist/operative trying to convince people that politicians/government have no authority over bureaucrats, following that up with hypocrisy that one politician will also be their savior.

In hindsight, German European Parliamentarian Christine Anderson, Dr Peter McCullough and Tucker Carlson all came to Alberta. What did this accomplish as far as offering the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to Canadians? Did any of those events provide tangible evidence and rationale as to why Albertans and Canadians are living through a societal war of injustice, abuse, tyranny, a transition of our Province and Nation? No. The political uniparty establishment was protected in all of those conversations.

My document of the evidence of Canada’s loss of National independence was literally ripped from Christine Anderson’s hands. Dr Peter McCullough did in fact speak of war, unfortunately with no follow through in the details of that. Tucker Carlson was brought in by the conservative political establishment, asking Danielle Smith a softball question about Alberta’s political prisoners with no tough follow through questions.

With Tucker, Smith and the UCP were provided an opportunity for a standing ovation in Calgary and loud cheers in Edmonton. No conversions of harmful, lethal, cancer causing covid vaccines continuing, Sheila Annette Lewis’s death, net zero climate change fraud, pedophiles being protected, political prisoners, etc. No tough questions allowed for the Alberta government.


No one person or organization who conducted interviews of those international personalities practiced stellar journalism. Being a journalist himself, Tucker Carlson also failed in the how, who, what, where, when and why did Canada turn into a marxist-fascist murdering unjust technocratic dictatorship.

Too bad Tucker didn’t drop a few truth bombs, speak about Danielle Smith and “Lord” Conrad Black’s shared love affair with Chrystia Freeland. Why Mayor and Chestermere council were removed by the Alberta UCP government. Or of Alberta pedophiles being protected by AHS, Children Family Services, Justice system, RCMP, UCP and NDP.

Tucker missed another opportunity. What of Canada’s absolute lack of political leadership in the global geopolitical crisis in the Ukraine and Gaza wars? Where puppets of the deep state are at play there also. Puppeteers of war, of the deep state controlling Benjamin Netanyahu and Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

One puppet professed to be God’s chosen one when nothing could be further from the truth. A puppet who boasted of force vaccinating the Israeli people, a lab he called his country, wrapping the Israel people up for the Deep State in biometric digital ID, heavy handed surveillance. The other Deep State puppet is a cocaine fueled psychopath. Both are fascist deep state actors, murderers of men, women and children. Evil.

The Gaza war is another fork in the road between Levant and myself. Remember when all 338 Members of the Canadian Parliament gave two Nazis a standing ovation in the House of Commons? CPC, Liberals, NDP, Bloc, et al.

‘War’ as Dr Peter McCullough rightfully stated in Red Deer Alberta. The weaponization, pitting ethnicities and faiths against one another, pitting neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend, brother against brother, when the true enemy of mankind is the war mongering, genocidal, child sexual predators, those who covet power, an evil global cabal.

Rather than asking questions about the global deep state’s influence in Alberta and Canada, how politicians and governments changed laws, added new laws and led Alberta and Canada to this dark day, that this evidence is suppressed and/or branded as ‘kooky’ by protectors of the establishment. Why is that?

The answer is very simple. Because they are protecting the establishment. You think they may have something to gain by doing so?

God sees the betrayal.


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