Dana and I had such a wonderful evening with Paul, Colleen, Barry and Christine. Positive reviews on my cooking skills. Yes, the sugary strawberry shortcake was good also, back to a sugar free carnivore diet today. Darn it, leftover steak and eggs… Lol. Seriously though, I’m feeling the benefits of cutting out sugar, bread and carbs. Amazing how quickly our bodies recover. I have more energy and I’m sleeping well again.

The food was good yesterday evening but the company and conversations, getting to know our friends better, is what made the evening so special. Dana and I are truly blessed in having both sides of our families and also in having met so many friends in the last four years, and also throughout our entire life. So many great memories. God is good. Love to you all.

These are my thoughts and opinions alone.

Almost daily now I’m receiving outreach from those looking for help and/or simply a friend who will listen, of issues relating to the heavy hands of government and Alberta’s public institutions. Almost daily also I’m receiving outreach from people who take exception to my stance on CPC MP Leslyn Lewis’ petition or Danielle Smith. It continues to fascinate how protective some people become of defending politicians.

I see the Federal drum of don’t split the vote beginning to be pounded…

I used to be impatient in that but now understand its part of the process of this cultural and spiritual war. However, I’m also less naive than I once was. Here’s a few questions I’ll ask of people oppose my stance of questioning politicians:

– Do you oppose the climate change agenda in its entirety, including carbon capture?

– Do you oppose healthcare tyranny, forced vaccines, lockdowns, etc.

– Do you oppose the loss of parental rights in SOGI and Bill C-4?

– Do you oppose MAID, abortion, medical assistance in dying for children as young as ten?

– Do you oppose the continued imprisonment of four Alberta men, Tony, Jerry, Chris and Chris?

– Are you, members of your family or your income provider affiliated with lobbyists, lobby organizations, political organizations, non-profit and third party advertisers, such as Take Back Alberta, those who are beholden and loyal to the government of Alberta UCP or Conservative Party of Canada?

I believe it’s important to ask those questions because if government, politicians, lobbyists of those, corporate business leaders, journalists, pastors, social media or community influencer, people in general, are beholden to any one of those issues on their own, than they do not comprehend that all of those issues are connected to the restructuring of our society and to the situation Canada and the World finds itself in.

Another reason for the questions is that there were individuals who used me, of my time, energy and capital, who ended up being beholden and loyal to the power structure of the day, of the Alberta UCP government and Conservative Party of Canada above all else. I’ll say it again. Maintaining political power structures requires the assistance of many collaborators.

Besides being paid directly from political parties themselves, political operatives can be paid by other means, including corporate Alberta resource based industries who help fund the political power structure, as do public union organizations also. The role of political operatives is to protect the parties, governments and oppositions above all else. I’m not suggesting all resistance I’m receiving comes from political operatives, just keep it in mind.

Here are a few quotes regarding my concern with CPC MP Leslyn Lewis’ petition, as well as my opposition to the illusion that the UCP are conducting themselves any differently under a leadership change in Danielle Smith;

I don’t disagree with your stance Bob, but there’s a problem

The vast amount of Canadians are either not awake, or just starting to. They’ve been conditioned to be leery and highly skeptical of deniers, tinfoil hat wearers, pick the euphemism

They don’t know who to trust, most are several steps away from being able to see that our political system and the parties within it are all apart of the corrupt machine that we’re fighting

When we tell people a petition isn’t radical enough, that Leslyn Lewis and the Conservatives are part of the problem, people lock up and worse yet people withdraw

if it raises awareness about the issues of the WHO, UN and the rest of the cabal and people consume it to the point they can speak openly about it, then there’s a chance they’ll take another step in our direction tomorrow and will see something they wouldn’t have accepted previously

Pierre Poilievre is letting Leslyn Lewis proceed with this petition for some reason, despite the conservatives view in the past. Yes, the conservatives brought a lot of this in, as did the provincial government, but they may not not know the extent of all of this until covid. It seems like some of them have had a change in heart, or gotten enlightened

People are human, and to harbor resentment for past deeds, especially if they may not have known all the facts at the time, well he who has not sinned can throw the first stone. If you stop bringing up people’s past sins, I suspect with a little grace, Leslyn Lewis will be able to push the agenda you want.

Where would we be without forgiveness? I wish your pride wasn’t holding you back, because the two of you might be able to move mountains.

End quotes.

First points. There certainly is a problem. This is beyond politics. It’s much more complex than Canadians being too sensitive to the truth of it all. I don’t operate from a place of ego, making it a point to listen, think, check my facts, pride and to think for myself. I’m simply sharing the truths I see and welcome discussion in the process. Town halls continue to be my favored platform.

First concerns. I’ve had several discussions with boots on the ground freedom advocates who’ve been freedom advocates longer than myself, well aware truthers who have hope in Leslyn Lewis herself, that for putting a petition forward, and/or for “saying” the right things, saying what they want to hear, while doing the opposite, once again, wide awake or not, drawn into hope in a single politician, that this politician is the one, the one to save the day…

Like Harper, like Kenney, like Smith, like Poilievre, yada yada yada – like a moth being drawn to a light that kills it, falling for political doublespeak, political deception, onward goes the illusion of the day, skirting around the critical issues of the day at the hands of Canadian and Alberta politicians. United Nations aside, issues of the day are resonating passionately with so many people as the pain and suffering grows exponentially, whereas;

Critical issues today, of young, middle aged, elderly, single, couples, families, parents and children face life destroying issues centered around; a healthcare no-care system, a meat grinder of a justice system that kidnaps Albertans and destroys many other lives, a climate change net zero carbon capture carbon taxpayer funded fraud steals from the people, while filling the pockets of the lobbyists of governments and politicians, whereas;

Children are being sexually indoctrinated by SOGI, the sexual confusion of children, Bill C-4, under threat of prison removes the right of a parent to mentor their child on their own child’s consideration of sexual transition, normalization of drag queen story hour, where MAID is provided to children as young as ten, where latest of term abortions are provided by public health, where pedophiles are protected by governments, public health, justice and children’s services, where families whose children were victims of pedophiles are ignored, given all of those atrocities, further to that;

All of those abuses against the rights of parents, the absolute lack of protecting children, Leslyn Lewis’ Conservative Party of Canada, under the guise of “protecting” children from accessing pornography, brings forward Legislation to bring further heavy handed censorship of Canadian law in Bill S-210; of Digital ID, facial recognition, loss of citizen independent podcast media.

Those may be the fruits of an agenda drafted by a global elite with the help of elite Canadians, but above all else, those are the fruits and the ACTIONS of the governance and bureaucracy of the day, TODAY; of Canadian and Alberta Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, Bloc Quebecois, PC, UCP, NDP, et al, of all politicians, parties, governments, oppositions, public institutions, police, media, corporate leaders, including some Alberta oil and gas captains of industry, whereas;

Pierre Trudeau, Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, Pierre Poilievre, Leslyn Lewis, Jason Kenney, Danielle Smith, Brad Wall, Scott Moe, etc, etc,, are simply individual politicians, it is the legacy political structure, of governments, bureaucracy, corporate and public union lobbyists as a whole that has led Canadians to a dark day.

Harper, Kenney, Poilievre, Smith, Notely, Singh, Trudeau, junior and senior, blue, red, orange, Conservatives, Liberals, NDP knew, they know today, damn well what they’ve done and what they’re doing to Canadians and Albertans.

Read again the summary of how this treasonous betrayal came to be in Canada, that these politicians embrace restructuring our Nation, culture and society, that they voluntarily continue to bring laws forward today, enacting this fascist totalitarian agenda, and then if you still cannot understand that these politicians are not working in the best interests of our God given rights, liberties and freedom, that they are not protecting our children, elderly or any of us, rather that they are lost souls, deceived by the liar of liars, if you cannot see what I see, then we will simply have to disagree on that.

To speak to a final quote from outreach, “People come back to me years later to state that they have had a change of mind/heart and can now see and agree with a stance that they had previously thought was right wing conspiracy nonsense.” Exactly, and that’s what needs to happen. This crisis in mankind’s history will take time to unravel, with more pain to come.

In my perspective, given the lack of discernment today, this cultural, societal, spiritual war will be long, it will not be won in Provincial or Federal elections, victory will only come when we reach critical mass of those embracing the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, those who no longer are prone to political theater, doublespeak and deception, those understanding well exactly who betrayed them, their children and their country, those aware, courageous and strong enough to hold all politicians, parties, governments, bureaucrats, judges, doctors, corporate leaders, family, friends and neighbors accountable, for the crimes against mankind, for the abuse, injustice, predation of women and children and the genocide of the day.

Where would we be without forgiveness? Amen to that. However, as I’ve said many times over. Can we forgive politicians and bureaucrats if they’re abuses are perpetual? If they continue to hurt our friends and neighbors? Believe, or don’t believe what you wish. Free will is another of God’s gifts.

My belief? I believe it’s our duty as men and women, believers and non-believers, to defend those being neglected, abused, unjustly imprisoned, destroyed and murdered by the heavy hands of governments, politicians, bureaucrats; modern day Pharaohs.

The rise and fall of mankind is nothing new, in two thousand years and beyond, nothing has changed in that. When the tyrants rule with heavy hands, until mankind stands up, nothing changes.

God bless and gratitude to those industry workers in oil and gas and power exploration, production and distribution who keep us warm.

God please watch over those who are without shelter, give them mercy and a place to stay warm, keep everyone safe as they travel about.

Hope you all stay warm today. God bless you and yours.


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