As men and women, protecting children is our fundamental core responsibility. In Alberta, across Canada, Children are being sexually preyed upon. Rather than children, pedophiles are protected by the political and bureaucratic establishments!

This is but one story.

A Calgary Alberta mother – Jaime – speaks out regarding the predation, kidnapping and abuse of her children. After reporting sexual abuse, children apprehended by Children Family Services (CFS) with support of the justice system and Calgary police services.

Jaime, a professional with a PhD, respected among peers, doctors and psychologists, states;

If this can happen to my children, it can happen to anyone’s children.

Jaime (Mother Protecting her children)

Following a police report of evil sexual atrocities and court, observations;

  • damning evidence; innocent children express vile and graphic details of sexual abuse
  • expert witnesses denied by court; a doctor, child care workers, child psychologist
  • a forensic investigator stated he believed criminal charges could be pressed
  • judge allows CFS to accuse mother of coaching children, with no evidence
  • CFS coaches children, six adults in room pressuring children

Dr William Makis’ forensic report, proves pedophiles are being protected by:

  • Alberta Crown Prosecution and Justice System
  • Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons
  • Alberta government & opposition UCP/NDP
  • Alberta Health Services

“These are the people protecting child sex abusers in our beautiful Province of Alberta.” This is being, “completely ignored by Alberta’s mainstream media.” – Dr William Makis

Child sexual predators have powerful connections and protection within Alberta Health Services, justice, police and CFS.

The Alberta UCP and NDP could end this today, but only when enough Albertans demand they do so. Stop defending the politicians!

Single voices, those with platforms, to the influencers, podcasters, media, doctors, business leaders, lawyers and certainly politicians – stop protecting the political establishment and start protecting the children!

If you wish to contact Jaime, she can be reached at;

The following is Jaime’s press conference held on Feb 2, 2024 in Calgary, Alberta.

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