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United Nations; a New World Order, Canada connection.

A walk through history, how Canada was restructured to fit within a global framework of tyranny of unelected organizations controlled by global elites seeking to rule over Canada, Western Democracies and the World as a whole.

  • Shown is year certain global organizations were established, Canadian politicians aligned and/or signed onto that organization (not necessarily the same year)
  • United Nations, World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, World Bankers, didn’t take over Canada, Canadian politicians voluntarily signed onto, changed and/or created Canadian law to fit within a global framework leading to the New World Order
  • United Nations; Paris Accord, Sustainable Development, Agenda 2021, 2030, 2045, The Great Reset, all the same, different brand name, drafted many decades ago, Canadian laws began changing decades ago to fit within that
  • Canada was never created to honor the people of Canada and God above the Monarchy/Crown; global elites

(All links of evidence provided, either in this text or in link below to a live document)

Structure of New World Order:

  • World Bankers; World Bank to central banks of Nations
  • Oligarchs; those who control Media, Big Tech, Big Pharma, lobby politicians
  • Club of Rome; highest level global elites can be identified
  • Bilderberg; highest level Canadian politicians attend
  • Trilateral Commission; governance branch, influence governments
  • United Nations; Nations come together to adopt or not adopt ideas
  • World Economic Forum; operational branch, climate change agenda
  • World Health Organization; operational branch, public health

Global elites control both the mainstream and independent media in Canada, as well as social media. With Bill S 210, being brought forward by Conservatives, now passing second reading, concern from anti-censorship lobbyists is this is the final stage of iron fisted Canadian internet censorship; podcast citizen led true independent media, accessing the internet itself, Digital ID, facial recognition will be required.

Canada’s History;

1945, International Monetary Fund (IMF), financial agency of the United Nations

1948, World Health Organization; on forming the United Nations in 1945, discussion was to form a global health organization. WHO’s Constitution came into force, gaining governing ties to Western public health organizations.

1954, Bilderberg Group; attended by Prime Ministers liberal Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Liberal Lester B. Pearson, conservative Stephan Harper, Liberal Jean Chrétien, Liberal Paul Martin, Liberal Minister Bill Morneau, former Alberta Premier and CCPC Minister Jason Kenney, former Alberta PC Premier Alison Redford, former Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, former Premier Ontario Mike Harris, former Premier BC Gordon Campbell, former Premier New Brunswick Bernard Lord, former Premier New Brunswick Frank McKenna, former Harper Chief of Staff Nigel S. Wright, Canadian media mogul Conrad Black.

1968, Club of Rome; sponsored by Prime minister Pierre Trudeau to draft a plan to prevent a global Limits to Growth crisis. COR, Trudeau, Al Gore; where the Climate Change taxpayer funded agenda was created.

1974, Bank of International Settlements, Pierre Trudeau signs Canada, losing Bank of Canada sovereignty

1971, World Economic Forum. Klaus Schwab, a German economics professor had a bright idea. Over the years, WEF was attended by Justin Trudeau, Stephen Harper, Michelle Rempel, Chrystia Freeland, many Conservatives, Liberals, other Canadian politicians, corporate leaders, bankers, academics

1973; Trilateral Commission; David Rockefeller (close friend of Maurice Strong) forms Commission to, “foster a New International Economic Order.” Former Governor of Bank of Canada and Bank of England, Mark Carney is a longstanding contributing member.

1973, WEF partners with Club of Rome, providing the vehicle for the climate change agenda; Davos Reset: New Manifesto Issued for World Economic.

1988, International Panel of Climate Change, IPCC; co-established by Alberta Oilman Maurice Strong, merging the World Meteorological Organization and United Nations Environment Program

1992, United Nations Sustainable Development, climate change agenda, Convention on Climate Change at Rio’s Earth Summit. Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney

2007, World Health Organization IHR, International Health Regulations, binding law, Stephen Harper; voluntarily signs on Canada, all Provinces

2007: Alberta PC’s, amend “legislation and new regulations required facilities emitting more than 100,000 tonnes of carbon per year to reduce their emissions by 12 per cent. Companies that failed to reach that emissions target paid $15 a tonne into a new climate change fund. Critics in heavy industry called it a carbon tax.”

2009, Alberta PCs, “Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation was formed to decide how best to spend the millions of dollars paid by companies whose emissions exceeded provincial limits. The money was invested in green energy production, conservation and energy efficiency and carbon capture projects.”

2009, Canada Sustainable Development Act, further binding foundation of United Nations Sustainable Development came to Canada by Stephen Harper and Conservative Government, including MPs Pierre Poilievre and Brian Jean, the former Alberta Wildrose Independence Party leader

2010-2015, Canada’s WEF involvement continues, Stephen Harper sends Conservative “Ministers to lead several sessions related to the WEF’s theme: The New Global Context.”

2010, UNDRIP; United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Stephen Harper, Conservative government endorse, Alberta Conservative MP, Chief Wilton Littlechild was a member of the 1977 Indigenous delegation to the United Nations, working on the UNDRIP.

2010, Alberta Land Stewardship Act, Alberta Progressive Conservative Government bring into law

2014, World Economic Forum Alberta session, first ‘energy and climate change’ meeting, brought to Alberta by Alberta PC Government under leadership of Allison Redford and Wildrose Party under leadership of Danielle Smith

2015, WEF/United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Stephen Harper, Pierre Poilievre, Conservative Government, bring final stage of foundation

2015, Stephen Harper commits fossil-fuel rich Canada to “end all production and use of carbon-based energy.”

2015, Alberta connection to global Architect; Alberta Premier Kenney’s Chief of Staff, Jamie Huckabay, worked with Joseph Stiglitz, former senior advisor to President Bill Clinton, co-chair of the The High-Level Commission on Carbon Prices, with the WEF since 1995, IPCC, former Chief economist at World Bank

2018, Canada joined United Nations member states, adopting a new negotiated agreement on international migration, brought forward by Justin Trudeau Liberals.

2019, WEF Alberta Carbon Capture, Carbon Engineering Ltd, WEF supported, funded by government, sustainability-focused agencies, private investors, including Microsoft founder Bill Gates and CNRL’s Murray Edwards.

2021, UNDRIP; United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act received Royal Assent and came into force, Justice Trudeau Liberal government

2021, Alberta UCP asking Ottawa to commit $30-billion in spending or tax incentives over the next decade to spur the building of large-scale industrial carbon capture projects.

2011 to 2024, Net Zero Carbon Capture; Alberta UCP government spent $1.8 billion, recently another $1.8 billion dollars to a Dow Chemical expansion project, for their Net Zero carbon capture component, Canada’s Liberals put in $400 million.

2020, World Health Organization Covid-19 Pandemic begins, WHO referenced in Alberta BILL 24 COVID-19 Pandemic Response Statutes Amendment ACT, 2020; ‘63.1(1) In this section, COVID-19 means COVID-19 as described or determined by the World Health Organization’.

2022, the Emergencies Act was imposed, Trudeau’s Liberal government advised in enacting EMA by United Nations appointee, Dr Barbara Perry, expert in conspiracy theories

2022, Alberta UCP Government declare “Alberta’s tax on industrial carbon dioxide emissions

will triple by 2030.”

2022, Canadian National Digital ID trust; ATB Ventures, innovation arm of Alberta-based ATB Financial, governed by Alberta UCP government, in collaboration with Canadian Bankers Confederation and World Economic Forum.

2023, Covid-19 Pandemic Orders; Alberta’s highest court, “ruled the infringements that did occur were “amply and demonstrably justified” under the Charter.

Role of politicians in pandemic restriction decision-making breached Alberta Public Health Act: Calgary judge; Orders ruled to be in breach because final say over public health given to elected officials.”

Justice Romaine ruled that even if the proper decision-making framework was in place, Albertans’ constitutional rights would not have been violated.”

2024, Alberta Public Health Act (PHA) Premier Danielle Smith and the Alberta UCP government amend the Public Health Act, failing to address medical bureaucratic authority; the amended PHA, “allows cabinet to reverse or vary any public health decision made by any decision maker under the act, outside of a declared state of Public Health Emergency.”

“During a declared state of Public Health Emergency: medical officers of health, including the Chief Medical Officer of Health, retain final decision-making authority for orders impacting a specific person or persons or a specific public place.”

2024, May; World Health Organization’s International Health Regulations amendments come into effect, enforcing further, that upon a declared state of public health emergency, or of ‘climate change emergency, or other’, whereas;

“expanding the powers of the WHO Director General to declare Public Health Emergencies, override the State (Nation’s) Parties themselves.” In other words, Federal and Provincial Chief Medical Officers of Health of Canada will be ruled directly by the World Health Organization.

The following testimony Vincent Gircys at the Canadian National Citizens Enquiry. 32 year member Ontario provincial police, trained in forensic investigations, number of commendations throughout 32 year career, retired with Police Exemplary Service medal:

“The World Economic Forum Canadian leadership members is of concern. Klaus Schwab, the head of the World Economic Forum, had made a comment that we have penetrated over half of the cabinet.

The comment had come up once in Parliament, asking the question relative to this connection. Immediately, an excuse to some microphone related problem. That question has never since come up, by any party in Canada. It appears that there are members possibly in other political parties as well, relative to the World Economic Forum”

Organized crime now is very sophisticated and generally those people that are very, very wealthy with incredible power and access are positioned very well to be very effective criminally. Is there any evidence to suspect reasonable suspicion of the need to investigate? Potential criminal conspiracy? Yes we believe there is. Absolutely.”

Mr Gircys’ testimony Canadian National Citizens Enquiry (Clip)

Albertans and Canadians have been betrayed, it wasn’t the World Bank, United Nations, WEF, or WHO who held authority over Canadians, through fifty-five years of governments from Pierre Trudeau through to current Trudeau and all governments in between, Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Bloc Quebecois, PC, Wildrose, UCP, NDP governments here in Alberta, those Canadian politicians restructured Canada, Canadian laws aligned to fit within a New World Order governance structure.

Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Bloc, UCP, partners in crime; World Health Organization orders, Covid-19 ‘pandemic,’ covid ‘vaccine’ injections, MAID, medical assistance in dying, World Economic Forum climate change, Net Zero, carbon capture, green energy transition, carbon taxpayer funded fraud, SOGI, Mass Immigration, UNDRIP, National Digital ID, Alberta political prisoners, etc…

As an Albertan or a Canadian, if you’re repeating the political rhetoric that it’s ‘Trudeau, the Liberal’s, or Harper, the Conservative’s, or Notley/Singh, the NDP’s fault’, do you understand that you’re contributing to the problem?

Do you understand this issue is deeper than those governments? That parts of the agenda are embedded in local municipal governments, public health, justice, academia, police, education, media, corporate – oil and gas even? If you’d rather not face reality, go ahead and hide, bury your head in the sand, buckle up, toughen up and hang on though. It’s going to be a rough ride.

Or, do we say enough is enough? God bless those who defend truth, freedom and justice.


Link to live document, links to all evidence;…/1ENmk0hzK0sxQhIbK…/mobilebasic

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