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2013; Conservative Government of Canada, Stephen Harper, Pierre Poilievre et al, along with the compliance of Liberal, NDP and Bloc Quebecois, moved Canada along a path to the New World Order.

  • Predictive crime prevention: the use of sociometric sensors coupled with neural networked computers to statistically determine the probability of crime (or other anti-social behavior) taking place before it happens
  • Emotion tracking: Using sensors, computer vision and algorithms to correctly identify the likely emotions displayed by individuals in a crowd. Useful in airports and other high-risk facilities
  • Neural Biofeedback: using real-time EEG or fMRI to illustrate brain activity, often with a goal of controlling the central nervous actions.
  • Capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers: Can be used to remotely improve alertness, awareness in soldiers, etc.
  • Digital currencies, hydrogen energy storage, brain-to-brain interfaces, and robotic farms are all likely to be common before 2030

Neurotechnology and cognitive technology are likely to manifest over the next 15 years;

  • Neural Networking computing, significant changes are expected as a result of in proactive software agents, neural network image recognition, emotion tracking and tools that support predicting the likely behavior of large groups of people.
  • Extended Cognition; changes are likely to come through neural feedback, capacitive micro machined ultrasonic transducers, next-generation neuropharmacology and neuroprosthetics.
  • Neural Interfaces; big changes are expected through advances in brain-to-computer interfaces transcranial magnetic stimulation, optogenetic implants in humans, and brain-to-brain interfaces

The New World Order, Stephen Harper called it ‘Enlightened Sovereignty’, a dystopian, George Orwellian, Big Brother, fascist, Nazi technocratic Oligarchy. The World Economic Forum, Klaus Scwhab’s Fourth Industrial Revolution speaks of this inhumane and UnGodly evil transhumanism referenced above.

Look at the evidence. Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, Bloc, UCP, et al, have betrayed Canadians. Politicians, governments and bureaucrats all around the world have betrayed mankind in the same way.

1. Neurotechnology and Cognitive Technologies.


2. The Great Reset; Klaus Schwab’s book Fourth Industrial Revolution, covered in Time magazine.

3. The New World Order; Enlightened Sovereignty.


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