Police on Guard for Thee

A disturbing show of police intimidation for bureaucrats and politicians in Newfoundland, as East Coast fishermen peacefully protest to defend their livelihoods, defend their ability to provide for their children and families, as that disturbing development unfolds, pedophiles are protected, children jabbed with a known poison by those very governments and bureaucrats.

To RCMP who called the organizer of the Medicine Hat event last week, suggesting I’m inciting people holding events intended to shine a light on the fact that rather than children, pedophiles are being protected in Alberta. Your position is duly noted.

Moments and reminders, that not all “peace” officers are keepers of the peace, nor defenders of justice for the people and children of Canada. But who am I? God is the ultimate record keeper in that.

As to the ongoing genocide of Canadian children? The 2024 Alberta Public Health Act reads:


“A health practitioner who performs an immunization shall comply with the most recent version of an immunization schedule published by the Chief Medical Officer, or that is identified by the Chief Medical Officer as being mandatory.”

2024 Alberta Public Health Act

January 2024, Covid-19 vaccines added to Alberta Health Services vaccination schedule:

  • School Immunization Schedule and Adult Immunization Schedule
  • Infants: Routine Immunization Schedule and Routine Childhood Immunization Schedule

To those who believe the Alberta UCP government has changed their ways under Danielle Smith admit it you’ve been deceived. They could care less about the health and well-being of children. To those who believe the NDP has the best interest of children at heart. Neither do they.

As the Alberta UCP government and NDP opposition are poisoning Alberta children, as Children are being sexually preyed on, as fishermen peacefully assemble in a show of concern for their livelihoods, once again RCMP demonstrate their allegiance and loyalty, protecting bureaucrats and politicians.

Should this be a surprise? Not at all. Not when;

  • crown prosecution and the justice system
  • colleges of physicians and surgeons
  • public health services
  • rcmp, city police

…are actively protecting pedophiles within and outside the bureaucracy.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta protected pedophiles, child sex abusers and child pornographers who possess, create or distribute child pornography.

The College gave them their license, access to Alberta’s children and ensured their medical license record was clean with “no disciplinary proceedings”.

If there is an even better case for immediately and permanently dissolving the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, I would love to hear it.

Dr. William Makis

Rather than the lives, safety and well-being of children, women and men of Canada, pedophiles are being protected by public services of police, justice, child family services, public health governments and oppositions across Canada.

If we cannot come together, people of all ethnicities, all faiths, left and right, believers and non-believers, if we cannot come together and stand against those abominations, please tell me what else is there?

Our only hope is in the people of Canada ourselves. In the people of the provinces. Not one politician will save this country or any one province. Not one election, not one political party AGM or party policy.

There is a solution at hand. In order to enact that solution you must first wake up, open your hearts and minds to the absolute betrayal at hand.

To those of you turning your backs on the betrayers, abusers and killers of the people of Canada, to those of you who demand that politicians and governments on all fronts, liberal, conservative, ndp, pc, ucp, sask, etc, stop the harm, suffrage and death of the children and people of Canada, God opened your eyes, hearts and minds. Stay blessed, know that you are on the right side of history and God’s grace.

To all others who continue to cheer on, or stand silently by, thoughts and prayers for you all, that God opens your hearts and minds also. When He does, know that you will be welcomed with open arms.

God blesses those who defend truth, freedom and justice.



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