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The following quotes are from a 2023 interview with the former Chief of Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Asia Division (CSIS).

CSIS knew that Chinese officials were secretly funding both Liberal and Conservative parties for over thirty years. We’ve been infiltrated by agents of influence.

This has been going on for the last forty years, from Mulroney all the way to Trudeau today. Every Prime Minister has been compromised at one point or another.

Every Prime Minister, every government, every office was compromised. When we brought the warning. No one listened. It is a phenomenal security risk. Who’s really running the country?

former Chief of CSIS

The following quotes are from last month’s February 2024 interview with the same former Chief of CSIS.

Q: “What are you expecting to see coming out of this inquiry?”

A: “Not a lot. Just a strategy to drag their feet a little bit longer. Nothing has been done about drafting a law about foreign interference. This is ridiculous.”

“CSIS can only report to the government. Only report to the Prime Minister and of course the Minister of Public Safety. This way the message is controlled.”

“From Mulroney all the way to Trudeau today, every single Prime Minister was compromised. Every single Prime Minister was informed. That will not come out in this public hearing. A portion will be secret. It gives the advantage to the government. The information will be classified.”

As the NDP are silently complicit in this betrayal also. (Re: uni-parties/governments)

We damn well know it’s not only Chinese officials who’ve influenced Canadian politicians! It’s a damn shame what’s happened to our country. Our ancestors, those whose blood sweat and tears built this country, those who fought in wars defending freedom, this is not only a betrayal of their memories and sacrifices, it’s a damn betrayal on ours and our children’s future!

They have sold us out! ‘Enlightened Sovereignty’ as Stephen Harper called it, as Trudeau junior finishes the betrayal his father started.

Regarding UN/WEF,

“By 2050, 50% of Canadian land will have restricted use. Provinces and Territories are signing conservation agreements with the Federal government.”

“Trudeau said the Federal government is working in ‘partnership’ with Indigenous people. No one is in an uproar about it. Trudeau bribed those indigenous leaders with a billion dollars.”

“The federal government is stealing the land, the United Nations are stealing the land. All they had to do was bribe people with money. Protected conservation areas can be amended at any time. They can hand that land over to China, to the highest paying country, to Blackrock, to Bill Gates and they’ll be allowed to do whatever they want to do with the land. There are many loopholes in these agreements.”

“For now the Indigenous are providing enforcement on some of these conservation areas. So Indigenous people will be enforcing no fishing, no hunting rules against their own people. Can you imagine all the conflicts that are going to arise?!”

“All this money is being thrown at the UN’s 30 by 30 Sustainable Development Conservation Project and it’s begging for more corruption and abuse.”

“Indigenous people should be outraged and insulted. Many of them live in very horrible living conditions, with terrible housing and no clean drinking water. But because of so much corruption they will continue to live that way.”

First Nations people are being used as pawns. Like provincial and federal politicians, some First Nation politicians sell their own people out also. My great ancestors Chief Big Bear and Chief Black Powder would be absolutely disgusted with this betrayal!

If you’re one who continues to parrot, ‘Poilievre is better than Trudeau’, if you believe that Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, Bloc, UCP are any different, you’re lying to yourself.

Canadians 100% need an independent body to investigate this, but more than that, Canadians must rise up and come together on this. The sooner everyone can wrap their heads around that, the sooner we can resolve this betrayal and lesson the pain of recovery.

In Lloydminster Alberta/Saskatchewan, a question was asked of me by a farmer. “What should I do with my land?” I replied, I’m not giving my land up. I’m not running away. I’m standing my ground. “Me too”, the Canadian farmer replied. Me too.

Is it too late? As they say, it’s never too late. God is with us all. Let’s be there for one another?


Credit @DeniseInCanada on Twitter for the video below at the very top of this article regarding UN 30 by 30.

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