Another political prisoner here in Alberta, James Sowery. A Canadian Trucker imprisoned for ten months for running over a pylon in his Hydrovac truck when leaving the Coutts Alberta Freedom Convoy.

Please stop saying any politician is doing good and right by the people of Canada. Canada has fallen. Alberta has fallen. All Provinces have fallen. There’s no praise or hope to be given to Smith’s Alberta UCP, Alberta NDP, Poilievre’s Conservatives, Trudeau’s Liberals, Singhs NDP, Blanchet’s Bloc or Bernier’s People’s Party, nor any political party and/or government and opposition across Canada.

Not when these politicians turn their backs on five Alberta/Canadian political prisoners in James Sowery, Tony Oilienick, Jerry Morin, Chris Carbert, Chris Lysak, not when these politicians turn their backs on children being preyed upon by pedophiles, not when these politicians turn their backs on people continuing to be injected with poisonous covid vaccines, not when not one of these politicians challenge the absolute fraud that is man made climate change!

Not one of these politicians talks about the actual atrocities and dysfunction happening in First Nation communities. Not one of these politicians calls for an end to all genocidal wars that kill innocent men, women and children, including Gaza! As the globalists are hard at work culling mankind all of these politicians fail the people of Canada also.

Talking about stopping the World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, United Nations agenda is meaningless. Canada’s fall has already happened, when over decades, with the final touches being applied today, Alberta, Canadian and Provincial laws were changed and added to, in order to fit within a framework of a New World Order.

My call to action, my solution, at the very least, until; Alberta’s political prisoners are released, all Alberta and Canadian children are protected from sexual predators, that First Nation people are rescued from their perpetual hardship, pain and suffering, that lethal covid injections are stopped and that these politicians begin calling out climate change fraud, until then the call to action is ending all political support, volunteering, serving on boards and most importantly that all political donations end.

Albertans and Canadians can either cut off the head of the beast, or continue helping it prey on Canadian men, women and children. I stand with those who are being unjustly abused, marginalized and murdered. I stand with my fellow Canadians.

Throughout history, in the rise and fall of empires – in the rise and fall of kings and queens – when we the people decided we’d had enough, empires were brought down and the reign of abusive kings and queens ended.

The duty to protect our children, our family, friends and neighbours, our country, is in our hands alone.

“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” – Patrick Henry, founding father of United States of America and US Bill of Rights

God bless those who defend truth, freedom and justice.


Donations for James Sowery; James’ mother Judith is handling all donations.

Mayday Mayday Mayday from Alberta Canada.

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